Friday, 30 January 2009

Can't wait for spring!!!

I am tired to see the weather forecast. It is cold and gloomy again. Sometimes I think the weather took the worse of the UK economy forecast.
Today, while I was in the office, my husband excitedly rang me. Allegedly, he just went to the gym (oh well, once a year visit which hopefully going to change to quarterly this year) and when he passed by his college he notice the snowdrop and daffodil buds start to buldge.

"That's strange" I told him. "This is too early for spring, it's merely just the end of January".

But no doubt that the weather is warmer now, I hardly see any frost as usual. While I was mesmerizing that spring soon will come and followed with a glorious long day of hot summer blaze, my husband responded.

"I guess someone planted those snowdrops and daffodils". He continued, "Because I only saw them in front of the college garden and not anywhere else".

Bah. False "spring" alarm!
Suddenly my foot which feeling the warmth of summer grass struck to a big block of wood, which I realise I was kicking was my own PC and the warm grass was office carpet nearby the radiator.

But I continue my episode of daydreaming of summer at home. That evening I was flipping through last spring picture when I found this.

My son was just 15 month old that time, I just realise that he already change quite a lot since last spring.
Ah, seems like daydreaming is good enough for me. Let's start the count down to spring shall we?
(More pictures of spring daffodils last year is here).


sharilyn said...

it won't be long, jessica, and you'll once again be snapping sunny photos of your little boy running merrily through the daffodils! :) sending you sunny thoughts!

Liss said...

I am hanging out for autumn as it's my favourite time of year.

I love the yellow of the daffodils in these shots.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

A year makes a huge differences... it goes by so fast with little ones... Your images are warm & whimsical.

Ellena said...

Yup.... indeed. A year makes a hug differences esp for kids..... Reyon also look and behave so differently from a year back.... :) And in no time our kids will all be in high school......

Cath J said...

Great Photo!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!