Friday, 2 January 2009

Closer to Thee

As I open a new page of the year, I am hoping to find more spiritual treasure on the day to come. When I looked back, from the day I was a new believer to the day I am now, I am so thankful for what the Lord had done for me. Without Him, I am nothing.

Along the way, He had corrected and taught me loads of time. And most certainly, it will happen again this year.

On the second day of 2009, I stumbled upon this blog

while looking for answer on Christian contemporary music.
What I found was more than just a music, but whole load of other thing. (However, I disagree with his view about doctrinal rich contemporary christian music)

Suddenly I recalled the day I was first visiting Graphe, my home church back in Indonesia. I was a "______" back then. I remembered how hard it is to feel the slap when someone proof what you did all this year was a mere tradition, have no or very weak biblical proof. I remembered I will spend hours try to think of the way to defend my stand, not for the truth, but for my own dignity. I remembered I feel the heavy for the consequences of knowing I've found a better, more biblical church. I remembered the farewell and the tears. However, slowly but surely, God convince me to do the right thing, and I have to swallowed that bitter pills of humility and submit to Him.

And lo, I had to do it again today.
I read
I must said at the of it, the writer had won me the argument over what I believe was biblical... however have no biblical proof. It's a resourceful blog, I even going to add it to my blog list.

May God help us when those teaching times comes, to be humble and submissive. So that we can be closer to Him.

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