Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Dual Personality

Recently, my 2 yo son had driving me mad. He had been very picky on his food, refuse to sit still during diner time, refuse to wear his hats and socks despite freezing cold weather, refuse to drink cold milk (which is kind of though when he gets thirsty in the middle of night), and awfully sticky to me (to the point I almost think he is a slug!). Arrrgghhh.... I can't even imagine when he start to say "no" to me (which probably a blessing in disguise that Josiah hasn't start talking much).
I told all this things to his childminder, who looked me with her symphatetic eyes. To my surprise, she told me that Josiah is good boy most of the time. He ate his dinner, sit on the dinner table, drank his juice and milk, wear his shoes, shocks and hat, he even can picks up toys and place it back!
"I wondered is it my cooking" I told her. But even when the same lasagna came from Iceland (a name of grocery store) heated with the same temperature, he still refuse to finish it at home.
Suddenly, I remembered during my childhood time I used to go around to my friends house for sleepover. I remember how everytime my friend's parents and my mom's met, my friend's mom will give all sort of good remark. "Jessica tidied her bed, did her homework, sat on the dinner table, finish her food, even help with washing up the dishes" She mentioned, which my mom could hardly believe since I looked like girl with no manners at home and nothing close to be a ever-so-dreamt-model-daugther. So, I wondered, is all kids meant to behave different when they are out of the house? is my son has my dual personality problem? Oh well, sometimes things are better left a mystery.


Liss said...

Sounds normal to me. I think kids like to test their parents to see where the boundaries lie. Fingers crossed he is not getting a dose of the terrible twos.

AG said...

hahaha.. jadi inget pas gw baca baby blues, and the babysitter commented on how good the kids were when the parent got back home from movie.. then both parents looked to each other and said "I think we enter the wrong house..." well, that happen in church as well! Chor Eng and Delicia always says, at home, Nat and Daniella are not as good as they are in church. lol. So, relax Je, u r not alone, haha

Stardust said...

Er... You'll find out. =P Thank God at least he's eating and behaving before his nanny, or he'll have a hard time growing, right? ;)

Thanks for dropping by despite being busy. All the best for your work, take care!

Ellena said...

Don't worry Jessica, you are not the only parent that face this problem. Even me or some of my friends we do face the same problem with our kids. Guess this is kind of the growing up stage.... when they gets older they will get over all these issues... and mb by that time, they won't even want to stick to you any longer.... hahaha.... :)

hutters said...

Jessica, from my experience exactly the same happened (and still does to a certain extent) with our oldest. I think (hope?) it's quite normal :)

Bringing up children brings all kinds of new challenges to our lives!

Take care, Graeme.

J.H said...

Hi liss,
Is being two always be this terrible?? I wonder.

Hi AG and Stardust,
Yeah, probably this is one of the "joy" of parenthood

Hi Ellena,
Yeah, my friend with 2 teen boys told me they won't even hug him anymore. Is this part of growing up?

Hi Graeme,
I think I ought to learn more from more experience parents like yourself. But I am so relieved that everyone seem to have the same problem haha!

~ Jade ~ said...

I may not be a parent myself but all the little nonsense (be it joy or pain)that we gave to our parents is part & parcel of parenthood. Till today, we will still hug and kiss my parents where ever we are (may not be usual for an asian family). Guess it is all about upbringing during our development years. =)