Sunday, 4 January 2009

I love your smile

Smile can means a lot of thing to different people. And to those who capture it, this is where picture can speak a thousand words.


sharilyn said...

how funny! i used that those same words on my post yesterday --a picture being worth a thousand words. and my post was about faces as well... love those smiles!

J.H said...

Hi Sharilyn,
I just drop to your blog to see the entry. Amazing, even we type the same words!!!
Are we somehow a sibling separated at birth? hahaha...

Liss said...

I agree with you totally. You know now matter what the smile means to the individual, one thing always remains the same…… the beauty that exists in the shape of a smile. It is a magnificent gift we should all share more often.

Stardust said...

Love the smiles, no doubt at all!! I love the warmth in your pictures. =)

J.H said...

Hi girls,

Thanks for dropping by again!
Yes, smiles is a cheap way to be a blessing for other.