Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Master piece

One cold night, bored with playing just with his train. Josiah, me and his dad decide to do something a bit different.

Like.... building a tower around the rail track! After a good quarter of hour staggering and stacking the blocks, we managed to get this babe stands.
Can you see the railway line going underneath? I actually had to build the first couple of pillar couple of times because it was laid too close to the tracks. And everytime thomas train passed by, everything start to fell down.I decide to take a picture of our masterpiece.
However. It managed to stand for a good few minutes.... then another calamity approaching. This time is not thomas the tank engine.
It is much worst than that!
It's bigger... stronger... and doesn't need coal or Energizer to run.
It's Jo-zilla (another version of Godzilla of course, with no tail).
A product of too much milk and sugary treats before bed time has turn him into a giant chubby-cheek-don't-want-to-sleep-hyper-active monster!


MaryAnn Ashley said...

Those are warm & wonderful images... my girls like to play with tinker toys & it's always relaxing to play with them. But sure enough, when my master piece is complete... it's the first thing they want to take apart:)

AG said...

Jozilla... *ngakakkk* nice name je!

Liss said...

In my house once it is built it has to stay there. I had a Thomas track that went right around my living room for 2 weeks and the room was unusable for anything else but playing trains.

These are very loving images. I just gave you an award on my blog.

sharilyn said...

ah, it is SO much more FUN to knock things down than to build them up! (hmmm. do i sense a spiritual truth about human nature here??) :) enjoy these toddler times...they will fly away so very quickly!

Stardust said...

Jozilla! A good one!

I LUVVVV PLUMP-CHUBBY-ACTIVE kids. I'm so good at squishing them! =P

Char said...

they are always so sweet with the building up and knocking down - just because they laugh so much when they do it. so cute.

Parlin-Artha-Axel said...

Jozilla...hahaha...I bet he give a very cute expression when he knock down the bloks...^^

J.H said...

hi everyone,
I am sorry for not checking the comment OFTEN enough! my work is killing me....arrggghh!!!