Thursday, 15 January 2009

Roll the tag!

I am joining the tagging war by sharilyn plus taking a 15 minutes break from my scary schedule right now. The rules for this game of tag are as follows: list six random or weird facts about yourself, and then tag six others.

Here is 6 weird facts about me, enjoy!!

1. I love fairytales! That's why I am a number 1 Disney fan. Even until now :-)

2. I enter the surgical room the first time when I am about 6. Enter emergency room since I was 8. Not as a patient though. Learn to examine people faeces and blood when I was 12. I am used to seeing blood and loads of gross stuff. This is a mere fun fact being born into a physician family.

3. I am born as a village girl somewhere in island of Java, Indonesia. Until my teen years, I had never seen telephone or any form of modern technology in my village. So don't ask about computer or internet! Strange enough now I am siting in an office thousands miles from my village, working as a computer engineer. Sure enough programming is my bread and butter.

4. My biggest voluntary spending in a year is.... holiday! (well, I didn't count my mortgages and childminder fee as voluntary spending, they are obviously INvoluntary). Fortunate enough my husband is a travelling fanatics like me, so he wouldn't have any objection. I believe my traveller blood is taken from my dad. As a young child, me and my sister always involve in 1-3 hour one way journey almost EVERY weekend, as long as they are not on call duty. So, not to go for holiday does itch my feet. Me, my husband, even my little boy do not suffer jet lag, even after 16 hour flight, we are just born to be traveller :-)

5. I moved house 12 times since 2002. 8 times in singapore and 4 times in UK. If you are wondering about the existency of modern nomad? I am the proof. When I moved to UK with my husband, our belongings is just 3 suitacase and 6 boxes.

6. I am very lazy when it comes to shopping for gagdets, shoes or bag. I still used the same handphone since 7 years ago. As long it rings I don't care. I always buy the same boot once the one I wear worn out. Same model, same shop, hopefully cheaper price haha!

And I wanted the following people to continue this fun games!
1. Maryann at
2. Jessica at
3. Liss at
4. Ellena at
5. Char... at
6. Tammy at

Let pass in on people :-)


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Heyo......I'll probably do it this weekend! Probably ;)

p.s. You never sent me your address for the prize you won at Wayfaring Wanderer. Remember, the green bag?! If you would like someone else to have it just let me know.

Liss said...

I cant imaging moving so many times. 2 times in 2 years was bad enough but I have a little more then 3 suit cases and 6 boxes.

These were really interesting facts. I will play but will have to think of something to write.

J.H said...

I'll be waiting for both of your entries girls :-)
And thanks for playing.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Those were so fun to read. We are planning a little holiday - just a long weekend to the Mountains. Thanks for thinking of me.

To answer you question about the Sunset shot.. it is local, the beach is near San Diego in La Jolla. A great holiday destination.

Stardust said...

Very interesting actually! I think your dad has prepared you for a noble future since young.

I'm almost like you for no.6, but I seem to have a lot of trash. Laughs...

AG said...

crazy about fairy tales.. is that weird? if that's weird, then that makes me a weirdo too! hahaha.. i lurrvvveeee fairy tales, gw even coba cari semua buku dongeng semasa kecil gw, dan cari website buat cerita2 khusus fairy tales! If u want the link, let me know dear. I have the grimm's brothers fairy tales link, lol