Thursday, 8 January 2009

When all came down

I've been really busy at work. Facing a critical dealine on the 26th Jan (thus it called... death-line). My weekend is at stake to be untilise not for personal use.

In the middle of the tribulation, to my dismay, the things that I hope can be completed without my presence didn't came true. Such as, renewing my passport! So, in the middle of my hectic schedule, I somewhat have to fit in a trip to London, which sadly only going to happen on weekday when the embassy is open. Everything is just doesn't work as planned.

I dreaded that I had nothing to looking forward to....

Often I wonder when I will stop being trapped in this routine. Waking up at 6.30am, drop my son of his childminder at 8.30ish, go to work, went back home at 5.30ish and head to pick up my son, arrive at home at 6.30ish p.m, try to waking him up (which involve some time of crying and clinging), try to turn on the heating. At 7ish my husband will be home, and then we try to prepare dinner, try to eat while entertain Josiah while try to catch up with each other at the same time, try to take shower, bathe Josiah, brush his teeth and get ready to bed by 9, try to read him some bible story, and hopefully he doze off by 9.30. (I do wonder how other working mum or mum with more than one kid cope up with all this things without losing any brain-cells).

However, in the middle of all so-hopeless state of mind. I saw my son's childminder send me this.

It amazing how human swings their mood so quick. (Image title : Lazy boys, to the left is childminder's 2.5 yo son and to the left is my 2yo son).

p.s : While I am trying to meet my deadline, I let you enjoy my latest blog addict.

Check it out!


Anonymous said...

we'll be praying for you during this time. It makes me feel sad to see you all going through this. please remember that we love you and we'll continue to pray during this time.

sharilyn said...

what a wonderful photo catch! must warm your mommy-heart! : ) they look so sweet when they're recharging their batteries!!

Char said...

*blush* thank you! you are so sweet

Char said...

and, how adorable is that picture??? so sweet.

Stardust said...

You'll survive! Turn your eyes upon Jesus!

Here's praying that all be through. =)

Sis. Tammy said...

Your not the only one that wonders how working moms manage to do it all. As you know I'm a stay at home mom and I get behind. But I think you've figured it out though; they don't manage to do it all. Something has to give eventually. I'm prayin' for you! I know things are not easy, but we ALWAYS have HEAVEN to look forward too. And, remember it could be today!!!


Liss said...

Try being a full time working single mum with 2 special needs children. My daughter is 8 and gets an hour of homework a night on to of that. So crazy.

I often think that today’s society does not cater for duel working parent families or single working parent families.

I totally relate. It is had to find time for yourself to do the things you need and the things you want. When you get time it's not until late in the evening and then you are tired and don’t feel like doing anything.

I pray thing settle down for you and get a littler easier.

~ Jade ~ said...


God make you Mum...He will show you the way pass the "terrible-2" =) The two boys look so lovely and peaceful when they are resting. Oh...I want to be a kid again, no worries!