Saturday, 21 February 2009

Help in the midst of the storm

Just like 99% of UK population, I knew very little thing about misery. I mean, stress at work, bad tempered toddler and a pile of housework is enough to make me think I've seen misery. I am aware, some of my blog reader have seen more serious pain in life than I do.

Today, I stumbled upon this blog...

Sarah, is a 4 year old Indonesian girl whom diagnosed with cancer, that's about the only thing I know. Nonetheless, reading the blog and updates, it makes me realise that this 4 years old has been through... A LOT, and so is her parents. I thought, even when I can only offer a bit of help, a little is better than none. I do hope my blog reader will show some support.

You can either :

1. Donate some money. (The account number is stated in her blogs).
2. Cut and paste the blog address and let your blog readers know. This especially helpful if your blog has a big readership.
3. Pray for her and her family.

With this I would like to thank everyone in advance. May the Lord return all your kindness in due time!

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Char said...

how very sad, prayers are offered as always.