Friday, 27 February 2009

Let's talk about.....FOOD!

Let me just put photography, parenting, interior design and christianity topic aside just for a day. And let's talk about long lost forgotten passion...FOOD!!
As probably some of my blog reader knows, I had never post a cooking recipe nor taking interest on taking photograph of my dish. Let me tell you that I love to try new food, start from japanese sushi, italian, portugese, turkish, indian, french, thai, indonesian or even british fish and chips! (not just eating but also cooking them)
I do love to cook, and according to a "bias" reviewer of my dishes (that's is my husband, my parents and my little boy) I am not a bad cook.

But talking about making BEAUTIFUL food, is never come across my mind. I can only admire beautifully decorated cakes with a fancy icing and glazing, an artistically decorated french cuisine that I think only master chef can make the taste equally as good as it looks. The bottom line is, I never attempt to make the presentation of my food as good as it taste. Simple reason is, all of us eat quick... so why should I spend 3.5 hour decorating fried rice which will be eaten less than 5 minute?

But today, I saw something that changes the way I think. Probably beautiful food is not taking 3.5 hour to make, probably beautiful food is not ONLY for master chef or fancy restaurant.

Ellena, the author of and, apparently a very busy single mum (she have to work full time) and still find sometime to make this for her little boy.

No joke.

I will only thought those picture can come on my yahoo inbox as a forward from friends who want to share crazy japanese who made this bento.

Lo and behold, this time I know the "chef" personally. I have lift my hat in admiration for her creativity and patience doing this. I really do.Now, I am determine to practice before my son reach a primary school age.... so that other boys will enviously ask their own mum to make them beautiful lunch boxes.


LuxeLass said...

I feel that good dishes come from the heart. It doesn't have to be of expensive ingredients. It's the sincerity of the person preparing the dishes that makes it special. Just look imagine the efforts put in to prepare those cute dishes!

sharilyn said...

that is absolutely amazing! so much time and care and creativity! i do hope her son appreciates it all! :) what cute food shapes...what fun to eat! i love the egg guys with the parsley sprig hair!!

Ellena said...

Oh Jessica,

I am speechless when I saw these pictures on your post.... I thankful, so touch that the Lord has use my creation to change your point of view towards Food preparation......

Actually no matter what you made, no matter how it taste. The most important ingredients in a dish is "LOVE". It is the LOVE that you put in to make every single of the dish you prepare taste wonderful... and what you saw is the DOUBLE LOVE that i have for my son..... and i am sure no matter what you made, your son will be proud of you.... :)

Stardust said...

Oh yes, Ellena has great talent in cooking, and decor! She's the expert in this area, and I think her talent is well recognized by many organisations. =)

But what touches me the most, is the source behind her motivation, love. =)

Liss said...

that so cute makes me want to be a kid again.

This is one fun loving mum the best I can do is smiley faces with sauce on some meat. LOL

J.H said...

the bottom line is, yes, I admire ellena, and thanks to her, now I know the recipe of a good cook, the taste and the looks!