Thursday, 5 February 2009

One word

I was browsing around, and I saw Liss was blogging about "one word" contest held by shutter sisters. I was so tempted to join, but I had no time in hand to create new pictures and plus, outside is snowing like crazy. So, I decided to dug up old junk and scavange a picture.

I purposely didn't choose an adjective word as I presume other people might have pick one. I decide to use the word searching as that word describe the transformation point of my life. Like the song lyrics by Alfred B. Smith said :

Once so aimlessly I wondered round the tangled paths of sin.
All about me seemed so hopeless,
Doubts and fears without, within.

Then a voice so kind and gentle Spoke sweet peace unto my soul.
Gone my days of sin and wandering,
Since the Savior made me whole.

Now my life is full of gladness,
All my days are filled with joy.
I no longer walk in sadness,
Happy songs my lips employ.

For I've learned the wondrous secret
Only those in Christ can know.
'Tis the peace of sins forgiven--Joy that makes my glad heart glow.

I have never lost the wonder of it all.
I have never lost the wonder of it all!
Since the day that Jesus saved me and a whole new life He gave me,
I have never lost the wonder of it all!

I was brought up in a decent family, always going to good school, score good marks, and my parents can afford most of the things I wanted. However, I didn't feel contented with my life, and I start to search what has gone missing.

And I am glad, I had found what I'm searching for in my life.


Liss said...

Searching is a wonderful word to use and very relatable for many people.
Seek and you shall find, though your images make me want to keep searching just a little bit longer.

sharilyn said...

fantastic photos, jessica! i especially love the one of your son in the lavendar! lovely. and you chose a very good word for these... i like that it is a verb!

Stardust said...

I'm glad for you that you've found just what makes you whole. He too, is the reason I rejoice.

Love the pictures of your boy. I've always loved the warm tone your pictures project. =)

Cath J said...

Love the pic my fren.. !

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Yay! You are one of us now ;o)

When I found out someone else chose HOPE, I almost wanted to change mine! haha But I decided that it was perfect for me right now and it didn't matter if it was perfect for someone else, too.