Sunday, 8 February 2009

Soft touch

The latest addition to my house!


AG said...

btw.. inget rumah elo.. jadi inget elo ngejait curtain sendiri.. nah, ultah taon lalu, gw dibeliin mesin jait portable ma si christian.. and ever since, it has been a tiring moment on trying to learn to sew using that machine.. i tried using backstitch to secure the sewing, but I hit the pedal toooooo strong.. nyangkut donks... dan gw pake baju si chris yang dia d ga pake buat percobaan.. and end up.. having all the shirt with hanging black thread.. kaya berbulu2, hahaha... im making a gorilla costume by incident :p and now.. still learning.. fuuuuhhhh

J.H said...

hehe, keep on the good work gus. Jadi kalo gw maen udah ada gorden bikinan dniri donk loe :P