Tuesday, 17 February 2009

While you were sleeping

Today I read this entries made Karen Cheng (http://www.karencheng.com.au/), a mum of 2 boys (soon to be three). And I thought its pretty well said.
Every night, before I go to bed, I pop into my children’s bedrooms to check on
them. I sit on their beds, in the dark, and watch them sleep.

Quiet. At their most natural. Bodies breathing. Faces like angels.

one of the most beautiful moments of being a parent.

No matter how
naughty, how rude, how indignant or disobedient they were that day – 2 minutes
of watching them sleep, brings everything into perspective. System restart.

I just want to scruff up their hair. Stroke their skin. Pinch their
cheeks. Touch their eye lashes. Give them a little nudge to wake them up and
tell them – hey, I made you! You’re like the most incredible thing in the whole
world! I like you a LOT!

But of course, I don’t wake them up. I don’t
tell them. I just sit and watch them.

My god, I love my children.

Frankly speaking, when I was young, a teen, in my twenties, married, I had never like kids. Not that I hated them or such, but I couldn't potray myself willing to commit all the time and money (not mentioning about other personal sacrifices) to have one called my own. But looking back, I did experience what Karen wrote. Since my son were only just few hours old, I enjoy staring at his peaceful face... stroking his soft hair and cheeks... It's truly like a miracle, a transformation, that changes one's mind in a matter of time.
Probably there is no way one's could ever understood how much their parents loved them. Until they become a parent themselves. And as much as saying that, could you imagine how much our Father in Heaven loved us that he sent His only Son for our ransom? I believe all parents out there certainly knows the answer.


Cath J said...

Oh ya.. I appreciated my parents more after having my own.. ;-)

Char said...

so beautiful and sweet. wish I had experienced that...but I got to watch my 15 month old niece today and that was wonderful.

Ellena said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for sharing such as short, sweet and touching story... Tears starts to flow when i read this..... I feel so touch. God realli loves us... Recently i cried to Him that I am a failure in parenting because I can't discipline my son well...and now he let me read your sharing message and I agreed that...the most beautiful moment is to watch our kids in sleep... cos it's so peaceful, so wonderful and you will 4get all their disobedient, rude and etc...... like it's mention... "SYSTEM RESTART".

I believed, our Heavenly Father also loves to watch us while we are in sleep....because He is just like every parents...He loves us more than anyone else.........

Cindy Lim said...

Having kids of our own really do changed our lives..Kids are such a joy and seeing them growing up everyday is such an wonderful journey...They are our angels in heart and soul.

J.H said...

hi girls,
To love and to be loved, whether as a daugther or as a parents is really an experience of a life time :-)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I hope that someday I will know the joys of parenthood.....lovely, thought provoking post jess.

the word verification is

interesting eh?

Stardust said...

Karen has potrayed everything so well! But I think I will never understand until I taste it myself one day.

I'm happy for you that you're enjoying the bliss. =)