Wednesday, 4 February 2009

White February

Just when I thought about spring.... warm days... flowers blooming....
UK is hit by a heavy snowfall! For the first time I seen the snow fall that heavy in UK. But I must admit it was quite a pleasant experience for a person who had rarely seen snow.
Let me remind you that the snow, was actually just like a normal snowstorm, even though in BBC news it sounded as if this is a big calamity, but it wasn't. The snow merely about 2-7 inch deep, which I think nothing to it compared the snowstorm I've seen in grand canyon or colorado spring (which can bring about 2 feet in a day).

Not many people in UK used to snow that last for days, therefore school, office, road remain closed for many part of UK. A teenager even died on sledge crash! But I guess for most people, this snow will bring a joyfull memory in 2009... especially in the middle of credit crunch. Playing in snow in your doorstep almost like FREE VACATION. And do you fancy skiing on the road to work? Why not!And here is the map of the snowstorm...(I lived just between London and Birmingham, and we had about 3-4 inch of snow on monday).
Today, the road was so slipery because of the sleet last night.
On BBC website there are dozen of picture of snowman sent by people across UK. I thought this one is the best.The weather forecast indicate there is more snowfall coming. I just hope I had a courage to go outside and took some pictures.

Pictures taken from BBC news :


Cath J said...

Oh so nice.. As for me never experience any snow day yet..So everything seems to be perfect and beauty in my eyes.. :-)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I was hoping for a snow day today! We didn't get as much as they forecast, unfortunately.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

The snow looks like fun... a great reason for cold weather.

Greece will be fun too:) I wish I had some great photo tips... You already have a great eye!

sharilyn said...

ah, it's lovely!! however, we have Welsh friends who have been visiting us here in the States, and they were supposed to fly home yesterday.... but, alas, London flights were all cancelled!! they got to have a snow day by having to stay an extra day here in sunny southern california!! (not sure yet if they're able to leave today or no...) enjoy the snow, my friend! i'm a wee bit jealous!! :)

Sis. Tammy said...

I loved the snowman!! How hilarious!!

Pray your having a productive day with the deadline.

AG said...

fuh, at least d baca blog baru elo, meaning, u r all ok, haha.. gw kan liat soal "snowstorm" in UK, and gw wondering wether u were also affected, and secara elo ga bales email gw, gw jadi donk bertanya2.. at least elo gpp deh :D huhuhu.. *mupenk main salju.....* sayang waktu gw ke sana d spring ya? :p

J.H said...

hi everyone,

It's just snow real bad again today. I promise some pictures this time :P

Liss said...

Quick, quick go get that snow mans number for me. I want to date him :) he is cute.

Y.S said...

Liss, it is '1800-FROSTY'

Stardust said...

Snow has gone your side then! My place is just freezing cold and nothing else!