Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Action Word

It's fun when your toddler start to learn how to talk. They will learn a simple object from book, flip cards, or movie animation. First they'll pick up some noun that often exposed to them like name of fruits, animal, mommy, daddy, granny, granddad, Spotty, Kitty or, in the case of my son, are name of the train engine.

Later I found him learning about colour and shape, now he can say purple, blue, green, circle, triangle...even though I am not sure whether he know the difference, he just repeating after me.

Now he is good enough with some of these and move one gear further, he learn to say action word like please, yes, no, potty, eat or drink.

His latest action word, however, is "catch".
Where he learned it I had no clue, probably PEPPA PIG animation often showed in BBC at his minder house.

As usual, I do encourage him to say the word and do the action to help him to remember and understand the word. And we had a mini football to play throw and catch. Since that day, he ask me to catch a lot of stuff : his shoe, his soft toys, door key, chalk, his pajama, and I always did as he said. Well... just simply catch it. However, it get's a little out of control.

One day, I bathe him and he saw his rubber duckie floating on the bubbly water. Mind you that his rubber duckie quite firm and big, it is even bigger and heavier than his shoe. He immediately pick it up, smiled at me, and said "Duck!". I said "Yes... duc.." Before I finished my sentence and without me being ready, he said "Catch!".
I had time to explain or say no, the rubber duckie fly in the air and landed on the wash basin nearby the tub.

He thought it was cool.

Thank God I am not brushing my teeth or do something that involving that wash basin, otherwise it would be my head and I can't afford to lost anymore brain cells. At the end, I did told him off, and explained to him that NOT all object is safe to be thrown. He understood, so I thought.

3 days later.

I almost forgot on the whole incident. Right in the morning, before I went to work, I just put an apple in my bag. I knew he saw it, and then with a blink of and eye he immediately run and stick his little hand to take out the apple. And then he did the least thing I had ever imagine happening to my lunch dessert.


***I guess, from now on I can use my lunch as an object for action photography...

p.s : Did I tell you he can do his business on potty chair now? Thank goodness it happened to my apple, it could have been worse if that happen to his potty chair.


LittleKiwisPhotography said...

Toddlers are oh so fun!

to your ? Canon 24-70 2.8 LOVE IT!
It is my Favorite and I hardly use anything else now esp. for portrait.

good luck sith the action photography. I have not not much of it myself. If I do I have put it on the action/spots auto setting. IT gets like 3 shots per second, but I don't always get the best focus. ??? I should work on this too!

sharilyn said...

how fun for you! : ) well, except for bruised apples for lunch! i love the new banner photo on your blog; it's wonderful! and, congratulations on the potty training!! hooray!!!!!!

AG said...

wah... josie d mulai pinter ngomong.. hihi... and potty trained? quite fast je :D good job *grin :D

Stardust said...

HAHAHA! Kids are full of surprizes!! You'll never know what they're giving you next!

I guess he probably caught some catch ball scene from tv?

Human is intelligent, quite sure that he won't make any attempt on his potty. ;P

J.H said...

hi all,
well he is not using his potty chair 100% yet, but he does use it every now and then.
I am positive he'll get potty trained before reaching 3 :-)

Liss said...

Congratulations on the potty training. Something tells me you are going to have a few subjects for you action shots.