Friday, 27 March 2009


So, we've seen the rig rags of USA parliament campaign and election. Start from high budget mega campaign in TV and internet, international visit to various continent, news and media endorsement and you name it.

Have you ever wonder how the ellection in other country is like? While the election ambience in USA is tend to be serious and tense, in Indonesia is much more relaxing and... creative!

Rather than promising this and that, explaining strategic plan to solve problem A,B,C... normally a political campaign is full of catchy statements or picture or anything that will make you remember particular party. Which I can say, I like it better than election anywhere else!
Lately, despite being overseas so long, I still get some updates from my fellow countrymen of the campaign activity update via email. Here is some of them.

Far away from Kypton, Superman has decided to go to Indonesia and join the election!

How about this. Wait, this is not a monk from Tibet, are wrong. Observe carefully, he suppose to be.... GANDALF! Don't ask me how he flew in to Indonesia.

Next on the row, is... Mr. Bond! Wait a minute, is Mr Bond full name is Ahmad Firdaus Bond? I didn't know that!?!?!

Or probably if you prefer a saver choice. This will be it. He is religious, smart, friendly, and family oriented (does it make any sense? well, I am just translating the word on the poster okay!)

Apparently, there is another citizen of Kyrpton who decided to run for Indonesian parliament.

If you like Mr. Obama... you gonna like him! Right, probably they were attending the same elementary school? (this must be taking hours to photoshop).

If you are not interested in movies, politics or religion... we still have another choice for you. Even Beckham choose him!

But among all the candidates, I think this one deserve your vote. At least he does not use superman, james bond, obama or beckham.

Hope you come back again in 5 years time for another Indonesian campaign.


Cath J said...

Oh dear my!!! So many super heroes in Indonesia... lol..

J.H said...

haha, I hope you have a good laugh! Actually there is tons of them like this... if you speak malay, you'll understand more and its really2 hilarious!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

That's hilarious!

Char said...

you could probably grab the ladybug from my flickr account if you like.

J.H said...

finally has to go for real voting this week. I heading to indonesian embassy on tuesday, hope didn't see any of this "embarassing" campaigner poster :P