Sunday, 22 March 2009


Today is my 3rd Mother's Day.
It all feels just like yesterday. It hasn't been very long since that little lips able to call up my name. Last mother's day, I remembered the simple celebration in church. I remembered the simple handmade card my son and my husband made me. I remembered some greeting cards from friends likewise mothers.

I had never know that it can be this sweet to be a mother.
But nonetheless, being a mother myself had made me appreaciate someone more.

My very own mother.

We had our moments, of laughter or disagreement. Sometimes we can be two stubborn enemy, at other times we can be best shopping pals. Though probably today we couldn't shop together, or blow our candle together, or read our mothers day card to each other because of the distance.
But I thank the Lord, no matter far nor near.
You are my mother.

Happy mothers day mom!
May the Lord bless you with more of His wisdom as the year go by.

Update : On the office, I accidentally tip my camera bag, leaving the lock not tightly fasten, the camera with my 50mm lens fell off. The camera left unharmed, but my 50mm lens unable to focus any longer. I was really sad. Not that because the lens was expensive (because I got it from ebay for hardly 60 GBP). I know I've survived without this lens for years, but now having tasted the "power" of this lens left me paralyzed without it.
These picture were the last pictures it took. I have not decide whether to fix the lens or just to buy another one. But, I've learn my lesson.... always lock your camera bag, properly!


Char said...

gorgeous shots!!! I'm so sorry about your lens...I would be crushed too.

happy mother's day!

Cath J said...

This is an amazing blossoms!!!! I FALL IN LOVE!!!!!

Stardust said...

Oh... sorry to hear about your lens. Time to get a new pal then.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Sweet tribute to your mother & wonder blossoms. Sorry to hear about your 50mm. That one is my absolute favorite too, so I was feeling your pain.

Happy Mother's Day.

J.H said...

hi everyone,
I am thinking about getting the same lens again (since it is good and cheap) except Canon-nians outthere can give me any recommendation of another good portrait lens?