Saturday, 14 March 2009

Siomay (Chinese : Siew Mai)

I've been thinking a lot about this : "What kind of recipe I should post in my blog?". As my blog reader know, I inspired by Ellena to start making beautiful foods, and probably something that unique. Ok... probably this won't be as beautiful but I guess it is a good start. From now, I will try to post my fave pastime, indonesian-chinese fusion food or thai-western fusion. I called it fusion because MOST of the time I can't find the exact ingredient here, hence we need a replacement.

Most of us chinese knew what is siew mai (I hope I spell it correctly), however, indonesian version of siew mai (we called them siomay) is slightly different. It has no hit of ginger and we use more vegetables. We serve it with spicy peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce. Let me assure you, it is NOT as difficult as you thought it would be. I am not a great cook and I just spent 3 hour making 70 piece!

But I would like to remind you, a lot of good excersice ahead... you'll be chopping almost every single ingredient finely.

Here is how to make it. (Let me assure you again, this recipe comes from mixed source, and I didn't invent it. So, it is SAFE to try..... unless I suddenly stop blogging)


1 egg
4 chopped mushroom (I used button mushroom, I don't feel it contribute any difference to the taste on whatever kind of mushroom you use as long as it is alike. You can use hoiko)
2 stalk of spring onion, chopped finely.
1lbs ground pork
250gr mince prawn
2 tbs soy sauce (I happen to use japanese kikkoman soy sauce)
1 tbs sesame oil
1 tbs oyster sauce
1 tbs brown sugar (or 2 tbs of white sugar)
1 minced onion (I used fried bawang goreng/fried shallot, too lazy to chop the onion after all these chopping!!)
100gr chopped water chesnut
4 tbs corn/tapioca starch
5 tbs ice water
garlic, pepper, salt, sugar
35 wonton wrapper

for the topping : finely chopped carrot
for the sauce: Jiff peanut butter, Kecap Manis(sweet soy sauce, I use ABC), lime juice, sambel/chilli sauce ( optional)

Put the corn/tapioca starch in the bowl.
Put the iced water, mix the corn/tapioca starch and water until those two are mixed. Then put the ground pork, chopped prawn, and all of those ingredient marinated it for 30 minutes.
Prepare the steamer.
Glaze the botoom of the steamer with oil so that the siomay doesn't stick. If you don't have steamer like me, you can put 2 plate on the top of each other, one facing up and one facing down, inside a big pan(and fill the pan with water). Then glaze the plate that facing up with oil.
Use the wonton wrapper and put the meat inside, approx 2 tea spoon. Press the top with your thumb, then sprinkle a bit of chopped carrot as the toppings.
Remember don't fill it too much unless it will spill out when you steam it. Put the siomay in the steamer for 20-25 minutes.

For the sauce:
boil a water and then put the Jiff peanut butter
mixed it and put kecap manis in it
then leave the sauce until it's warm (not boiling)
And last : put the lime juice


Liss said...

I don’t think I have tried these but they look delicious, anything with a peanut sauce has to be good.. I make wontons sometimes so I might have to give these a go next time instead.

Stardust said...

Hey, good job! I'd like to have a taste of your version. =)

AG said...

70 je? kapan abisnya tuh makan b3..? *terpana...* ga elo bikin 1/2 resep aja ya? huhuhu

Ellena said...

Wow... Jessica,

I think this is the very 1st recipe post that I read from your blog... :) And I must said... wow.. it's well done....

Siew Mai is one of the dim sum that i love when ordering at the chinese yum cha restuarant... and the way you present yours is great!!!! Hope to see you post more of your fusion recipes often.... :)

Char said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yum, I have been craving something like this. No one here (my new home) likes thai food as much as I do.

J.H said...

We ate 35 in just a day! so 70??? probably 2 day?

AG said...

35 a day.......... *amazed*
and i wonder how u can stay slim........