Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Row your boat

So my son is learning nursery ryhme. We taught him both Indonesian and English song so that he had a good selection of both. Currently his number 1 hits is "Row row your boat", and he will did a rowing act together with it.
This is somehow happen concurrently with his habit of mimicing train accident in "Thomas the tank engine". If you happen to ever watch the series. The Sodor railway run by both FAT controller and THIN controller (what a creative name!) were terribly unsafe. Almost in every series you can encounter a train accident, however the driver, the fireman and the guard always managed to jump out "into safety" from the scene. So his favorite lines when playing now is "help...help...help(high pitch voice)....CRASH!!!!!"
It's just so hilarious.

One evening we were singing nursery songs with him.

Row row row your boat, gentle down the stream
If you see a crocodile dont forget to.... (then I stop, hoping he'll continue).


Nice try. But "crash" does not ryhme well with "stream".

(Note : the original lyrics is Row row row your boat, gentle down the stream If you see a crocodile dont forget to scream)


Char said...

hahaha, oh so sweet and I can imagine just that. I've never heard the part about a crocodile before.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Cute story... Row, Row, Your Boat was one of my older daughter's favorite - it was her first song:)

Love the Bento Boxes!

rachete said...

I like your blog!


Stardust said...

=) I didn't know this version of Row Row Row Your Boat. =P

J.H said...

hi Char and stardust,
that's the english version being taught here :P

hi MaryAnn,
made a bento like that if you have a chance :-)

hi rachete,
Thanks for dropping by!

Liss said...

I know what's with the thin controller??? I have a Thomas fan on my hands to. There is a new train series out called Chugginton, have you seen it?

You'll have to get him watching the wiggles and singing along or even better another Australia kids group "The Hooley Dooley's" if you see any of their stuff it is defiantly worth it.

Ellena said...

haha.. this one of my son's fav ryhme too... and he used to sing it on and off when he is nursery..... :)

AG said...

hahahaha.. lucu amat si anak elo? *Ngakak... tar tunggu ya josie, begitu ketemu lagi, auntie agustina akan main2 sama kamu, hihihihihihi

sharilyn said...

how funny! i, too, have never heard that version with the crocodile... it's a bit frightening, but then, many times the old nursery rhymes were. our version says..."merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream!"...a bit happier, no? :)

J.H said...

hi liss,
hey, my son LOVES the wiggles. Too bad they are not airing anymore here :-(