Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Sunday Walk

On a sunny day last Sunday, after church, we decide to have a go to a park we had never been before. This park is unique because of it's location. It is actually in the middle of a big roundabout (or rotary in american). It's hard to see that from my picture here as I try to crop all sighting of cars or traffic light.

But, it's not all bad. This park has it's own charm... that is the white daffodils.
I was struggling to do macro shot with my 50mm, clearly wasn't that successful... well, I should have known better, prime lenses aren't meant for macro shot.
Even though daffodils mostly grew wild in UK. I believe they are planted by the park authority as there only one spot full of it. I had never seen so many of them before as much as I saw the yellow daffodils.
Someone is clearly have a good day here. My son had suddenly loving outdoor. All through winter I would have a hard time just to get him out. He won't even play in snow! But as soon as spring sparks its presence, my son just like a bird, fly and disappear in the park.
I presume you have enough and probably sick of looking at too many daffodils by the end of this post!
I was actually trying to set the camera to wider apeture to achieve clear depth of field. However, the picture became so bright even when I set the minimum shutter speed. Anyone know how to overcome this?
The only idea I have is I have to use neutral density filter to achieve outdoor portrait quality image (with nice bokeh) with not too bright. Is that true?


MaryAnn Ashley said...

Lovely photos...the daffodils are amazing - hard to believe that there are cars everywhere.

I have no idea about filters...

Cath J said... beautiful...its ok to put more daffodils photo...bring it on!! Love it!!!!!

juskawaime said...

Lovely pics!!
Amazing =)
Thanx for sharing

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Whoa, that's a lot of daffodils. I think I could spend all day in a patch like that :)

J.H said...

hi everyone,

Daffodils, one of my fave flowers of all time. Too bad many of them died off slowly now. On the good side, that's means summer is on the door!

Cher said...

first, THANK YOU for dropping by in my site and for the heartfelt comment you left in my blog. :)

looks like we share the same passion - nature photography!

lovely daffodils, lovely YOU, and your son is just too adorable! :)