Thursday, 26 March 2009


Urap, the name of this coconut vegetable salad. Grew up in sunda (west java area) has made me a great fan of this dish. It taste and smell refreshing, spicy vegetable with a hint of coconut and lemon grass is best eaten with warm rice. It can make a healthy snack too.

Here is the recipe :

The main ingredient of this dish is coconut! Obviously, it's much better with freshly grated coconut, as it would be served in Indonesia, but you do what you can with what you've got. I do find unsweetened dried grated coconut at cake making section in most of grocery store, in fact you can find it in Tesco Express!
Look for the fine grated coconut, but if all you can find is coarse, that's o.k. Be sure to soak the coconut shreds in just enough water to cover or perhaps even a little less. You want the coconut to soak up the water and you don't want to be throwing much water away. If you buy the dried coconut like me, make sure you bought instant coconut milk (or power) to add back the taste to the dish.
green beans, sliced diagonally
carrot, cut lengthwise in thirds
potato (this is my version), cut in small cubes
Steam all vegetables separately until barely cooked. They must still be firm and crunchy.

green cabbage, shredded
bean sprouts
Blanch by placing vegetables, one at a time, in a colander in the sink, and pouring boiling water over them.

onions, chopped medium fine
cloves garlic, smashed
lemon grass
fresh chilis, finely minced
grated coconut
kencur/ kentjur (I didn't add this on mine as I couldn't find it)
brown sugar

fry the grated coconut (+ coconut milk) with onion, garlic, lemon grass and chilli till the coconut turn yellow/brownish. I did add a little bit of kikkoman soy sauce to add the taste. And then toss all the vegetables in for about 5 minute. Add salt and sugar as necessary, then this is the magic bit.
Cut the lime and squeeze the juice on the dish, then grated a little bit of the skin to give a hint of smell, remember don't grate it too much as it will taste bitter once the green skin is gone.


Char said...

sounds yummy

Stardust said...

OH! I'M GOING TO TRY THIS!! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Hope thta I'll be able to get most of the ingredients.


J.H said...

hi girls,
hey, let me know after you tried it :-)