Monday, 20 April 2009

Beautiful things

There are a lot of beautiful thing in this world. No, I am not talk about expensive house, luxury car, or precious stones, I am saying about free stuff.
Yes, there are few places that unique for it's scenery, mountains, golden sandy beach, rivers, lakes. They are beautiful, but it still require some effort to actually be there.
I just find out actually there are a lot of beautiful things around us, without a need of going hundred of miles away, only if we stop and observe.
We were up at the zoo few weeks back. It was hot, packed with people (it was public holiday and plus the school children were having their half-term break), certainly not something you wished to see after 1 hour drive. I feel like I am paying the enterance fee to see human, not animal!
Too add more on the misery, 2 birds decide to "do their business" on our bag... not once but TWICE! How bad is that? (I should count my blessing it wasn't my head, or it will be a different story).
We found there is 2 apple blossom tree (? or probably something else, all looks the same to me) in the middle of the Zoo. Few people were sitting underneath try to hide from the afternoon sun. I wasn't even paying attention to their existance, but my son decided he wanted to climb the tree (they are not that tall) and then I realise how beautiful it is...
The bottom line : We had a great day.

The zoo might be packed, the animal might be hiding inside their shed because it was too hot, the park might be considerably barren except for this 2 trees, but I had seen a lot of beautiful things.
I hope, next time you wake up from your bed. When you stop and observe, you'll find a lot of beautiful things awaits you.

For me, this is my beautiful things.


reanaclaire said... cute pictures u have taken.. photographer must be good...!

Char said...

such beautiful pictures - and you're right beauty is everywhere, we just have to stop and observe. take time and slow down - drink it in.

Stardust said...

Apple blossom is new to me! Beautiful.

Glad that you had a great time afterall. =)

J.H said...

@reanclaire & char : thanks, is his dad who took most of them :-)

@stardust : I am really getting confused, apple blossom, cherry blossom, plum blossom, sakura... are they all the same?

Isabel said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and for bringing me here. Your little boy is ADORABLE! And you are absolutely right, there is beauty everywhere, if we choose to open our eyes and really see. I'll be back :)


Liss said...

I am glad you had a good time at the zoo. Sad to here there is not much park land or trees to sit for a picnic at the zoo though.