Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Better than LIFE!

We've just been to Greek embassy yesterday. Another though day in London...I dread it so much. Honestly, I am not sure why it is called one of the prettiet city in the world (I thought a lot of places/city like Oxford, Edinburgh which better than that, really!).
I can imagine the hot underground tube with loads of people rushing around. They are bad enough with ventilation as with the disabled access.... no lift and very few escalator. So, both my and my husband had to carry my son + his puchchair up and down... good exercised though. It really does not sound much like an off day. However I am really looking forward to visit Italy and Greece pretty soon!

On the other hand, bluebells season is finally here. This year it's looks much better than last year. We had a great time enjoying God's creation.

Here sneak peek :-)



Psalms 36:7
How excellent [is] thy lovingkindness, O God!
therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.
Psalms 63:3
Because thy lovingkindness [is] better than life, my lips shall praise thee.


AG said...

I can imagine, je. When I was there, with my 22kg luggage and 1 heavy bag with my laptop inside.. I travelled with trains, and no escalator nor elevator.. and I have to drag it up and down the stairs.. (No wonder I lost my weight when I was there, haha)
Well... for me, I agree that Oxford and Edinburgh by farrrr more beautiful than London :p

J.H said...

at least one person agree with me, hahaha...

Liss said...

such a pretty field. I have never see so many bluebells in one place.

So many photo opportunities here :)

Cath J said...

wowwww...... another heaven!!

sharilyn said...

beautiful photographs, jessica! i can't wait to see what you capture in Greece and Italy! when do you go??

Char said...


Sis. Tammy said...

Your are right, those bluebells are beautiful!

By the way, you should try lugging a 3 1/2 year old in a pushchair up and down those step whilst 6 1/2-7 months pregnant! Very interesting, yet managable. JUST!!!! LOL

J.H said...

@Liss : I can imagine you took a magnificent picture here with your flash :-) It's actually a bit dark in the wood, and really hard to take any picture.

@Cath & Char : Praise God for His creation.

@Sharilyn : I'll be going end of May for 2 weeks, yipppieee!!!

@Sis Tammy : Errmm... yeah, and you told me your double buggy stuck on the underground train's door. No one going to beat that. Interesting experience...:P

Isabel said...

You have a beautiful family!

AG said...

btw, nice pic of josie and yusdi =)