Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Butterfly House

Last week was like a huge roller coaster ride for us. First was our car break down in the ground of Blenheim palace (a nice spot for breakdown, certainly...). The plus point is probably very few people get a pervildge to see a sunset at 8 p.m on the castle ground, the minus point is with no handphone and no RAC card (we left both at home) there is not much thing you can do other than calling local garage for help. Nothing serious really, it's just the battery decided its need replacing after being used since 1997. Anyway, here is what we took in Blenheim Palace's Butterfly Garden.
Spring, is just the right time to look for butterflies!
I don't think I did a great job capturing this little creature. It's extremely difficult to do this with a fix focal length lens (sorry, that's the only thing I bring). Anyway... I hope you enjoy this.
The last one will be extremely un-ellegant shot. However, this is the most beautiful butterfly I've seen on the entire park.
Location : Blenheim Palace


Liss said...

Sorry about your car, I now how incontinent a break down can be. I have just got my car back after a 3-week stay at the garage and a cost of almost $2000.

These pics are great, I surprised your lens didn’t fog up. Normally in butterfly houses when you walk in your camera lens fogs, your glasses fog and you can’t see a thing. I know what you mean though to photography butterfly properly you either need a telephoto or a macro lens.

Stardust said...

Oh dear, I'm so crazy over butterflies!! Thanks for sharing all these great shots!

J.H said...

@ liss : Goodness... 2000 AUD is a lot of money. That's about what my whole car worth by now.

@Stardust :
Wow, I didn't know you are crazy about butterflies. So both of us loves flowers and butterfly, too bad we live very far apart, otherwise I can se you and me being a good photo-taking buddy :-)

sharilyn said...

hey! i want to come along with you and stardust!! : ) you captured lovely shots, jessica! it's so hard to snap the photo right when they have their wings open...all the butterflies i see are usually moving fast!! : )