Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A dream garden...

I had never had a garden of my own. Ok, let me reword that, I had never successfully grown anything yet in my life and thus I decide to never own a garden. The truth is, I really love (or probably in borderline to lust) beautiful garden. All of you who has been reading this blog would notice amount of nature and flower picture on my blog.

However sadly, I am a really bad gardener. In fact, I am a serial plant killer!! Not only I killed my orchid, but also an-ever-so-hard-surviving cactus. It tragicly died of water overdose.

Few weeks ago, on a wet thursday afternoon I decided to try to visit a topiary garden called "The Levens Hall".

Unfortunately it does not smell nice as it looks in here at the moment. They just laid the new flower bed and added fresh cow manure underneath it. I leave you to imagine the rest.

So what's so interesting there? well, it has beautiful flower beds but the main attraction of the garden is dozen different shapes of topiary.

The gardens were laid out in 1694 by Guillaume Beaumont, who trained under Andre Le Notre at Versailles. Beaumont had only recently finished laying out gardens at Hampton Court Palace. Very little has been altered since that time, which is all to the good, as Beaumont created a wonderful experience with his imaginative use of topiary and garden walks. The gardens also feature the earliest known exampl1e in England of a "ha-ha", or sunken ditch. (I have no clue about where the name comes from).

Ok, this one (below) is not a topiary...

Monsieur Guillaume Beaumont's portrait is found in the house with the inscription 'Gardener to King James II and Col. James Grahme . . .". Mostly constructed between 1694 -1710, the garden now comprises more than 90 topiary works. Using electric shears, the gardeners spend four months trimming the topiary to keep it in shape. Beech hedges, seasonal beds, a rose garden, and a fountain garden also figure in the garden scheme. The grounds include an herb garden, vegetable borders, and an orchard.
Isn't that sounded like loads of work?

I guess this is supposed to be a crown.

Interestingly, this is how the garden used to look circa 1880.

Okay, now how about this?

More flower beds :

Not sure what I am taking really...

Anyone knows what's the name of this beautiful flowers?

Nothing to this, I just wanted to show you my circle (contact) lens. Haha!

The garden even include a meadow complete with its herd of cows.

Ok, I don't mind having topiary and flower beds but I do not wish to have cow in my garden.


Char said...

those are pansies....gorgeous shots, as always

sharilyn said...

what wonderful adventures you and your family have together! and such lovely places to wander and explore!... those flowers look like pansies to me... or, if they're really small, they may be violets. :)

pika said...

Aduh garden nya bagus amatttt

Cath J said...

Beautifulll.... I think I am going to have a heart attack...by looking at all the beautiful scenery in your blog!!!!

Soooo Beautifullllllllll..........

J.H said...

@char and sharilyn,
oh yes, pansies, thanks for naming those flowers :-) I shall remember it!

iya nih kar, ini di lake district :-)

thank you, glad you enjoyed the picture here.

Liss said...

I enjoy gardening but this one is just a little too much maintenance for me.

Think of all the trees to trim!!

Beautiful photos

hiroharuka said...

loe kaya putri di tengah2 taman istana

J.H said...

@Liss : hehhee, too much for me too... but of course, the "Lady" of the house just giving "order" to the servant :-) no dirty hands.

@HiroHaruka :
Natasha, putri apaan nih... putri malu? hahaha.

LittleKiwisPhotography said...

These pictures are grogeous! I would LOVE to go to this palace someday and see this. I LOVE gardens and gardening. One of my other loves besides photography

J.H said...

@LittleKiwis : Wow, photography and gardening are perfect-duo I've been dreaming of having. How lucky you had both!!!

AG said...

oo.. itu bunga pansy toh? bukan bunga pak tua? wakakakakak :p

KY said...

That's a lovely garden! Although a little too neat and tidy for me :P .