Sunday, 12 April 2009

I am back!

I am sorry I didn't make any announcement that I was away for a week. I guess me and my family need a good break, from work, school, routine, and.... internet! I will soon stalk the blogsphere again.
We had a great time in the Lake District. Even though we only had probably 2-3 days sunshine (let's me remind you this is England), but we had a great time!
Okay, more photographs ahead, I keep about 300 backlog pictures which mainly... sheep, ship, boat, lake, mountain, sheep, hill, lake, grass... and lake. Well, that's why it's called lake district.
Here is some spoiler :-)
Location : Bowness cruise dock


sharilyn said...

welcome home! and happy easter! :) i hope it was a relaxing time and full of joy!

J.H said...

yes, we did, thanks a lot sharilyn!

KY said...

I truly love the colors! Was it sunset?

J.H said...


I have to say it is nearing the sunset time. There is no real sunset in UK as the sky won't turn orange/golden even at golden hour. This picture was taken on blue hour at about 8 p.m and I add purple overlay, so I kind of...cheat really.