Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I love being a mum

First of all, I would like to thank Liss for tagging me and inviting me joining this game. The rule is pretty simple, you need to list 5 things you enjoyed the most being a mum and then tagged at least one other mum to keep the ball rolling. 

5 things I love to be a mum :

1. I enjoyed the challenge
People said being a mum is a completely new stage of life. Suddenly you have to face a new reality after being a couple of newly wed. You had to do 3 load of washing a day instead of once a week, stop going to fancy restaurant because ... (you can fill the blank), never to eat your food warm except for ice cream, and multitask...multitask...multitask.

2. I enjoyed sharing my passion
It's a thrilling experience when your children start to appreciate the same thing you do. He start to say "wow" to spectacular scenery, enjoy walking in the woods, learn to appreciate sunshine, love long travel rides, and voluntary become an cover boy on every picture we took!

I enjoyed travelling, exploring the wonderous nature, taking picture, as much as when we were a couple. Who said travelling with kids is difficult?

3. I start to appreciate simple things in life
Now, as a new couple sometimes we live our life to a certain dream or expectation. But after become a mum, I learn that there is no need to live your dream. It would be great if you can, but that's no longer necessary. I start enjoying simple things like sitting in the park, playing foot ball, running around the house, or just blowing bubble.

Instead of following dream of my youth, I start to value things like health, spare time, smiles, warm food and.... a good night sleep. Having a child truly make me learn to review my perspective (pun intended written with a hint of sarcasm).

4. I enjoyed the silliness
I found out being a parent you entitled to license doing silly stuff in front of public without getting a second look. I thought this is pretty cool!

5. I enjoyed knowing other side of me
When I was in my early 20s. I knew myself as being ambitious and career driven women. I always busy with work, church and socialising. Life took its turn after I had a baby. I stayed at home for more than half a year and start to find out another side of me (no, I am not about to say I am gay, are you crazy?... ok ok joke aside)
If not because of my son, I didn't know I am quite a good cook (according to some bias source of course), I didn't know I like to travel and conquer the world (believe it or not I hardly travel anywhere far while we were a couple, Malaysia and Thailand was about it), I didn't know that I love photography... and my boy is my source of experiment and inspiration.

With this I would like to keep this fun games rolling, so I'll tag other mothers whom hopefully will share their "enjoyment" of being a mother with us.

1. Maryann Bever, she is the first photographer whom inspires me. And coincidentally she is a mother herself.

2. Keri from LittleKiwisPhotography, she is my mentor when it comes to taking picture. She is kind hearted and despite her busy schedule, she still write me email taught me some useful photography tips.

3. Tammy Tooley, she is my pastor's wife and a mother of 2 beautiful children. A woman with both wisdom and characther.

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD:
and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Psalm 127:3


Char said...

you always have the best pictures of you two together - great reasons and a wonderful answer to a tag.

Stardust said...

I've enjoyed reading your sharing. =) I'm not too sure about having kids, guess I'm still the one who wants some fun. =P I must say that your post is very encouraging. =D

I've always liked fields with tiny wild flowers, like the one shown with you sitting down with your kid. Lovely. =)

Liss said...

What wonderful reasons. Number 1 made me laugh and number 3 is so true. I think we realise what is important once we have children and being a good mother requires a lot of sacrifice and unselfish decisions.
Your son always looks happy, keep up the great job.
I am glad you tagged the other girls, I hope they play.

Ling That's Me said...

I feel so blessed to be a mummy ! :)

J.H said...

Thank you thank you!

Take your time, and you'll have one when you are ready :-)

Yes, I hope other busy mom have time to play the game too.

Thanks for dropping by, and hope we can share more stories of parenting here.

LittleKiwisPhotography said...

Hey! thanks for tagging me and for your nice comments! I loved to read these and think you are so sweet. Your little boy is lucky to have such a wonderful mom!

I will try to do this today sometime. maybe late tonight! :)

KY said...

Nice insight to being a mum ;) Will keep in mind for future reference :)

juskawaime said...

Auwww nice post, Jessica =)