Wednesday, 15 April 2009

(Not so) wild life photography

We spent the last Monday bank holiday in Twycross Zoo in Warwickshire. The weather did not turn out great at midday, almost causing us to cancel our outting. However thanks to the brilliant weather later in the afternoon and my trusty 75-300 mm zoom lens, we managed to capture some (not so) wild lives at quite close distance.

The zoo is notable for having the largest collection of primates in the world. It is the only British zoo to exhibit all four species of great ape, including the UK's only group of breeding bonobos (which joined the zoo back in 1992). It is also known for its large collection of chimpanzees, some of whom famously featured in television commercials for PG Tips tea.

Unfortunately I couldn't remember half of the animals here, any input would be appreciated.

Crane (?)



Common ducks

Aldabran Tortoise




Black-tailed Prairie Marmot




And this is probably the wildest wild life around in the zoo ... playground monkey


Char said...

gret colors - love the flamingo and reflection.

Cath J said...

I just love all those photos.. hey its a nice widget(linkwithin) you have..mind if I follow? ;-)

Stardust said...

Brilliant pictures. I love the Flamingo especially.

J.H said...

@char & stardust : that's my fave! unfortunately my husband's hand (who took this picture) wasn't that steady when taking this picture, hence a bit of shaky blur.

@cath : sure, I got this linkwithin from someone else too :-)

Liss said...

Your pics have inspired me to take a visit to the Melbourne Zoo. Generally we go once a year. Our summer has been too hot to visit as most of the animals hide from the heat. Autumn may be the perfect time to visit.

Grey Street Girl said...

These are awesome pictures! Looks like you had a really fun day!

MaryAnn Ashley said...

What a fantastic day! The images are great... I just got at 70-200 yesterday, for an upcoming wedding & was planning on going to our local zoo for practice :)

Thanks for the inspiration!

KY said...

Wow..beautiful pictures! I like the flamingo pic too.

sharilyn said...

gorgeous photos, jessica!! i especially love the one of the giraffe's eye... great shot!!

J.H said...

hi Liss,
Ohh... please take some pictures!

hi Maryann,
That's a great idea. That lens is a fab lens.... except the size. I feel like holding a bazooka.

Hi GreyStreetGirl, KY and Sharilyn,
Thank you, my husband is happy to hear the compliment :-)