Saturday, 4 April 2009

Pink spells

It's going to rain the whole day tomorrow. That's what I expected after reading the weather forecast. But after we went home from the old-folks home monthly church service, we found nothing but sunshine. No, I am not complaining, but I find it strange that England weather forecast (which normally has 24 hour accuracy) can be this wrong.
The sky is blue....
And the tree is pink!
So we head to a park in Oxfordshire, with our coat and jumper, thinking it's going to be cold pretty soon.
But we were wrong again second time. It was quite warm. It's even already warm enough to eat ice cream.
This bee is too busy to be bothered with hot or cold weather.
We thank God we had a great time in the park. Even though my car seems to spark a problem (it couldn't be started, even though the battery was good) but we made it home safely. I mean, what can be more rewarding than spending a saturday with your family. I couldn't ask for more.


Cath J said...

OMG...So beautiful!!! My heart is in touch my the photo.. Beautiful!!!!!!

sharilyn said...

and those trees!!! beautiful!! : ) looks like it was a glorious day!

Char said...

gorgeous cherry trees - I love the portraits too, especially you and the ice cream!

AG said...

lagi bagus banget ya di sana? hihihi.. and as usual, jeje dengan sendal jepitnya di hari yang dinginnn... haha *jadi inget pas elo ke jepang :p *

Stardust said...

Oh, thank God for the fine weather!! The blooms are totally lovely, wow! I'm surprized with the warm temperature as you guys are dressed rather thin, and wearing slippers!!

J.H said...

hi cath,
I am glad you like it!

hi sharilyn,
yes, it's a rare sunny day in England, definetely

hi Char,
I just realise it's terribly cold eating ice cream, that's why I was wearing a coat!

hi AG,
iya nih... lagi spring bloom semua di sini, masi dingin sih, tapi gw dan sandal jepit tak terpisahkan!!!

hi Stardust,
you well have notice it! Well, born in ever so hot country, me and my slipper already become best friend, nothing can come between us, not even the weather :-)