Monday, 13 April 2009

A Stranger

One day I came back home and find a stranger in my house. Not only that, the stranger even found slept peacefully on my bed!

Me : "Why is there a stranger in my bed?"
My husband : "Huh? how do I know?"
Me : "Don't pretend!"
My husband : "I thought you already used to see a stranger on your bed the same way I do?"
Me : "Is that why we bought a bigger bed?"
My husband : "I guessed so. Afterall, after what happen in these 2 years. I am now can accept the fact that I had to share my wife with other man."
Me : (Sigh) "Yeah, and I guess I have to accept the fact that I have to share my husband with another man too... Too bad, that stranger looks too cute!"

The joy of co-sleeper. We love our stanger to every bit!


Char said...

he's adorable

Liss said...

how could you not mind sharing, with someone so cute.

Jewels said...

Hi - Nice to meet you and see your darling Josiah :) Love your photography - so nice to see daffodils again and parts of your world - they aren't up in Michigan yet. Julia

J.H said...

Hi Jewels,

Wow, I didn't know Michigan is that cold. Daffodils already start to fade its glory here, probably the temperature getting too hot for them.
Please share more picture if they start to bloom up there :-)