Thursday, 16 April 2009

Those old sweet days

I heard many parents told me : "Enjoy your little ones once they are small and innocent, there will come a time that they won't be small anymore".
I remember as a child, I love cuddles. I enjoyed the time I spent when my parents off from work and ask me to play games with them. I feel so excited when I heard my dad's car roaming into the garage. I enjoyed helping my mom catching mosquito larve using old panty hose to feed her goldfish. I remember my dad loves to play video games while me and my sister cheering behind him. I enjoyed countless weekend gateaway. I remember those old sweet days.... just like it was yesterday.
But I don't stay as little child all the time. I had to move out of the house to study, then I am married to a man, then have my own family to take care, and have another responsiblity to do. But those beautiful careless time when I was little, never been erased from the back of my head.
I do hope my little boy will remember our moment when he grew up one day. And be able to say : "I remember those old sweet days".

Location : Ravenglass, Munchester Castle Park


Sis. Tammy said...

How true! They grow up sooo fast.
A time to be treasured and enjoyed for sure.

Kahshe Cottager said...

What precious memories you are saving with your camera lens. One day, your little one will be sharing them with your grandchildren!

Char said...

what beautiful memories and what beautiful memories you will create for your child - both of traditions and new adventures.

Stardust said...

He will darling. I'm most sure that he will. =)

Grey Street Girl said...

With these beautiful shots, it will help him remember. :)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Awww. Surely he will. And if he has a bad memory like I do, then you'll be able to show him all the amazing photos you have taken along the way!

J.H said...

sis tammy,
I hope they come with pause button

I can imagine that this picture looks so out fashioned by the time I have grandchildren. I remember I used to think what a weird outfit my grandmother wore on her wedding day

J.H said...

I try to remember all of them. But I think after having children you suffer from short/long term memory lost. I can't even remember what I ate yesterday.

Stardust, Wayfaring and Grey Street Girl,
I hope so too :-) People said I should use videocam. But I don't exactly like to watch myself while a lot of relative/family member are the audience.