Saturday, 25 April 2009


I have to pat myself on the back for updating my blog really often lately. Honestly, those entry were a scheduled entry since I am dead busy in the office (in fact I have to work this weekend). Not that my company doing some cost cutting measure (I should thank God for it!) in fact we just had our salary increase. Recently there is loads of project being approved and we are sort of lack of men power. Anyway, work aside, here is some pictures we took in the park in Leven Hall.

Another update is my husband unexpectedly will start to get some allowance from the Oxford University. A long story, but we are both really thankful to God for it. The age of double income soon will begin :-)

Josiah has progressed a lot since the last time I did an update about his vocabulary. Now he knew a few numbers and alphabet!

Anyway, move on to another topic. Ever tought of having a beautiful carpet for your house? This truly inspire me to have a soft-all-natural-carpet.

Who can resist that?

Imagining this is my house, and I am sitting and lazing around on a warm soft rug.

I love sitting here for hours. Listening to the water trickling through the stream. Enjoying the breeze of wind and the warm sun. It's just so peaceful. A perfect day to spent with loved ones.

I think he is in a very good mood, look at this....

And this....

I wonder where can I buy this carpet.


Char said...

you take the most amazing shots....just beautiful places that I wish I got to see.

congrats on the additional income.

Stardust said...

I love the carpet! Yes the amazing carpet!

It's a blessing to have an additional income. Congratulations. =)

Cath J said...

Is that heaven???? ;-p

So beautiful.........

J.H said...

hi Cath,
I bet this is probably a slum area of heaven :-) There is something much better there.