Wednesday, 3 June 2009

No Talk

My son is not a quiet person. In fact he made loads of "meaningful" squealing noise eversince he was really small. Sort of trying to communicate I think.
But one things worries me.

Almost 2.5 yo and he is still not talking.

I mean, he still not saying words in our mother tounge nor English. Or rather he had his own language that no one understand.

Ok I am exegerrating a little. He does talk a little. He can say lot's of little things like "milk", few of domesticated animal, shapes, colour, numbers, and names of train engine (of course!).

On the other side, he loves jumping and I find he is quite an agile boy.
He is definetely good at climbing, hopping, and acrobat!


When I come to think about it again. Right, ok... my son probably is a slow talker which is a good thing according to many other parents who had theirs talking at 1.5 yo and never stop since). But he is certainly does not miss a thing that other kids do on his age. I guess I will start have to "really" worry if he has no sign of improvement at 3 year old.


Oh yes, he had his own talent. No... not throwing leaves!

He might not be able to talk or express himself very well, but to my relief he is not tone deaf. In fact, he can hum quite a few song. So the bottomline is, every child is different.... but they are perfect in their imperfection.


I have notice that some parents like to quantify and compare their child's achievement. I am praying hard that I am not one of pushy (or kiasu) parents who wants their children to be the top in.... everything. They send their kids to school early, send them for various tuition and enrichment programme. I mean, nothing wrong with providing the best for your children, but there is always a limit and beyond this we are probably doing more harm to them than good.

So what if a child can read at 3 instead of 6? So what if they know how to do math at 6 and not 8. Math, alphabet, words, spelling, they can wait. I don't mind my child late by 1-2 years at school as long as he enjoyed what he did. Achievement is not everything, but fear of the Lord is the beginning of "knowledge" (Proverbs 1:7).


His childhood, just once, and it is soon gone away.
Once you are out of it, you can not give it back.


AG said...

agreed =) Dont push him to go to school too early, better for him to play and be kid. hey, it only happen once! :p and actually by playing, they are learning =)

For the case about how old can you speak, my senior manager, a very succesful career woman, very talkative and smart, she started to talk when she was 5 yo. So, je, no worries. Start late doesnt mean u'll end late. What matters is the end. And yep, the fear of the Lord is the main thing that he needs to learn starting in his early years. To see the kids in my sunday school class showing their fear of the Lord, is worth more than anything =) It shows how different they are than the rest of the kids, and that's what really matters, isnt it? =)

PS: cant wait to see josie.. *huggie*

Liss said...

Are the words he can say clear and understandable? (in either language)

There are a lot of kids that are slow developers and just need a little extra time. But if there is an issue the key is to get then into early intervention as soon as possible. My daughter was 2.5 when she started a speech kinder program. These programs are very much about teaching parents how to get their children to talk and give you strategies. They teach understanding of the building blocks of language development. It is very important to know what stage of development you child is at before moving onto the next. As they say not point learning to run before you can walk. If your son’s speech is concerning you have him check out even if it just for peace of mind.

Remember if there is a problem the best thing to do is get early intervention happening. It really does help. To start with both my children were diagnosed with “Global Developmental Delays” then at the ages of 6 both were diagnosed with “Verbal and Motor Dyspraxia”

So many of my friends just said to me, they be right by the time they go to school, don’t worry they will catch up. If I had listened to them, I would never have done anything about their problems and I believe their speech would be far worse than what it is today.

From experience I would suggest you see a paediatrician, if there is nothing wrong then at least your mind is at ease.

Stardust said...

Yes dear, I believe that every child, or person is perfect in their own imperfection.

I'm sure that God will give you the wisdom to help your boy and shape him into a God-fearing person. Let's just do our best, and let God do the rest.

Sis. Tammy said...

Remember, he is trying to learn 2 languages at the same time not just one. I have friends that had children and they were learning Spanish and English at once and it took longer for them to talk, but they were fluent in both languages when they did finally start speaking.

Nothing to worry about. He's great just the way he is. We are missing him at church, you all; too.

Talk about me bloggin' while on hols!?! LOL Even though I'm sure a lot of it was pre-programmed in. How on earth did you find the time to do it all?????

Love you all and see you soon!