Monday, 25 May 2009


We do a little of lazy wandering over the weekend. It's hot and windy in Britain during this time of the year. The weather is so good, I feel like I was dreaming.
And then we saw it, a pasture of flowers. The road was empty, almost no car pass by. You can hear the sound of birds on the winds.
No work to worry about.
No household duty to think about.
This feels like a brain massage.
In my dream, even dendalion looks soooo.... beautiful!
And look at my little photographer...
Right, this is not a dream. Because in my dream, my 2.5 yo son can handle camera like a pro. If you look carefuly, he is peeking through a tripod, not a camera!


sharilyn said...

love it! he'll get there...with a mommy photographer such as yourself, he can't help but find joy behind the lens! :)

i loved your description-- "a brain massage"... wonderful!

AG said...

huiiiiii.... josie lutuuu... mau dunks je, foto yang elo combine 3 itu, yang elo jadiin background gift from heaven.. hihihihi... *mupenks mode on alias ngidammmm*

PS: itu mild threat jeh, musti dikasih fotonya.. pamali bikin orang ngidam.. wakakakakak

the serious part.. I love the pic of u and him lazing around =)

It's been so so so hot and humid here..esp with my condition now, wish we could hv a cooler climate

Stardust said...

Oh, your little photographer is taking after his mum! ;)

There's this dreamy quality behind the pictures. Love the greenery. =D

Cath J said...

Lovely place! and your boy sooo cute!!!! ^_^

Edna said...

Looking at your photos indeed is like being in a dream..hehehe..

BTW, felt a bit rude of leaving comments without introducing myself..:-) Came across your blog from Nicole Chocoa Heaven blog (I'm following her blog), and have been following yours ever since. I'm Malaysian currently living in New Zealand.

Natasha de Bell said...

wah, josiah jadi fotografer!!
dia keliatan nikmati banget tuh...

Liss said...

How cute is your boy peeking though the tripod. I think photography is in his blood :)

The perfect way to spend a weekend.

Mei Teng said...

Our weather here's unusually hot and dry this year. I wish the rain would come back.

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment :)

J.H said...

@sharilyn : it should be "relaxing" brain massage :-)

@AG : gus, elo tinggal click poto di entry gw (will bring you to flickr) nah, elo bisa download ukuran gedenya dari sonoh, udah gw upload. Btw... jangan di ciumin ya tu poto huahuahuaa
p.s: kalo elo pulang dec ke indo gw mo do portrait of your baby :-))

J.H said...

@Edna : nice to meet you too!
WOW, New Zealand is a beautiful country, I've been there once and so hesitant to leave :-)
Feel free to share your blog with us. I bet my other blog stalker loved to see beautiful southeren hemisphere landscape!

LuxeLass said...

Erh.. I thought he was looking through a camera too!

KY said...

Your son is looking very professional there :). Very nice pictures you have here!

AG said...

haha, iya je. We'll see bisa ga ya gw balik indo dec *senyum mikir2 senank.. secara gw masih maternity leave* Will let u know when the time is near :p Btw, elo balik jkt tgl brp sampe brp? jadi kalo mau, biar bisa dipash2in.. hihihi..

Oh, and thanks for Josie's pic. paling tar blur2, bekas kena ucup2 terus, hahahaha

Ayie said...

I just love the fields there...beautiful photos!