Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Edible Tea

I know I should blog about this long ago. Last month I receive this item from LuxeLass. Thanks to her that at least I still can taste some "chinese" stuff to satisfy my curiosity. Apparently internet can be a fun place to make friends.

This is a pack of tea. Unlike many types of western tea (or british tea) there are almost no leaves inside this tea bag.
Don't ask me what is this (some seeds, flowers, dried fruits and rock sugar). The reason why I had been delaying this entry for so long is because I was trying to look for a transparent teapot, just like this.

But, probably no english man think there is a point having such teapot, therefore even after looking everywhere I gave up.
Ever wonder how does it taste?

It taste sweet with many juicy bits when you happen to bite the fruits. And it actually soothe a sore throat right away! My husband had proved it. Unfortunately, I don't think you can get this easily everywhere. But I can see this thing can be more popular than "boring" english tea.


Cath J said...

Oh woww.... is that a roses bud??? ^_^

Char said...

it's really beautiful to look at

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I love flower tea! I've got one of those clear pots!! Cody bought me a set a while back that came with one. It was made by Numi tea.....I think that they probably ship to where you are if you really want one :o)

Stardust said...

This tea pack comprises of buds and dried fruits that really make up a delightful fusion, quite a lot different from tea leaves. I have some of rose buds, dried mixed fruits and lavender.

I must say that that flourished plot within the pot looks so artistic. ;)

Ellena said...

Wow.. this is sort of similar to the Eight Treasure Tea(八宝茶) that i love to make it at home. You need to add a few ingredients of your own..like dried rose, chysanthumum, raisin, red date, rock sugar and etc.... depending on what u prefer to make the 8 eight items... :)

Chrysanthemum, Organic Green Tea, Honeysuckle, Sterculiae Scaphigerae, Red Date, Haw, Dried Tangerine, Rock Sugar.

J.H said...

@cath : mmm... I think so

@char : it taste good too :-)

@wayfaring : really? where did you normally get them from, are they expensive to ship?

@stardust & ellena :
oh you mean you bought the individual ingredient and mixed them yourself? The only place I know where to buy dried flower is potpourri section :P

Ellena said...

Em.. Jessica,

In Singapore you can get hold of those tea either in small individual pac or u can buy each ingredients and mix your own.. :p

KY said...

The tea looks real yummy. It reminds me very much of Chinese chrysanthemum tea.. :) .

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Beautiful... I'm a huge tea drinker - stunning.

J.H said...

@KY : can you find this in Germany too?

@MaryAnn : probably if you happen to see some on China town in US you should try them, they are great!

@Ellena : I guess I have to go to london to find it :-(

Ayie said...

I would never think at first glance that's a tea. It's a brilliant idea to get a clear teapot, it looks so nice.

sharilyn said...

when my friends went to China for a visit, they brought me back some "tea"-- and they were rose buds! i loved the delicate flavor...mmmm. unfortunately, that was several years ago, and i am definitely out of the tea by now! :)

J.H said...

@Ayie : I think that's a brilliant idea to get transparent tea pot, only if you drink this kind of "beautiful" tea :-)

@Sharilyn : someone told me you can buy this kind of tea online, many manufacturer ship worldwide.

Melody said...

I have that tea with me...it is a gift from China and it is sitting behind my desk now. I enjoy watching the flower blooming but not really like the taste.

LuxeLass said...

Hi hi!
There are two types of tea. Ellena is correct. It's 8 Treasures Tea which I gave to JH. And I got them from Singapore. It's individually packed, with different flavors and for different uses.

There is another type of Blooming Flower Tea, which is manually tied together - flowers, tea leaves, etc, so that it is all bundled up. When you put it in the clear glass with water, it blooms and looks really pretty.

And yes I believe they can all be ordered online!

KY said...

Yep, I saw something similar to that in Asian grocery shops but I don't think they have the same lovely concoction you have here :) .