Friday, 1 May 2009

Feeling like this...

Can't believe it another month just fly like wind. It's gone before I know it. I guess I've been very busy, weekday, weekend, all the time. Ah, how do I feel like spending a lazy weekend. Just like this.

A side track, I saw on a friend's blog this video... I thought the message is well said :-) Don't forget who makes you what you are now!


On the update side, interesting thing has been happening lately, but probably I shouldn't blog about it till everything made official. Oh... did I just make you feel curious?


Char said...

yes you did

KY said...

Muahaha...I had to laugh at out loud at the expressions of those birds. Both very different species, yet there is this subtle similarities in their expressions :P .

J.H said...

@char : don't worry, I'll make annoucement later :-)

@KY : probably animal have feelings too...:-)