Saturday, 16 May 2009

A hidden camera

You'll be surprise when you realise What a person tends to do when he thinks that "no one is watching".
I am trying to give a useful hint here... "actually, there is a camera watching you, you just don't know it!"
Then what you do? Of course, look at the camera and put on your best smile!
There is a lesson to learn.

So what we do when we think no one is watching? Do we put our best words but cruses behind someone's back? Do we pretend to work hard in office only because our boss around?
Before anyone say anything, I would raise my hand and say "I am guilty".


yadkinvalleyhome said...

I love these peek-a-bee shots!!

Liss said...

I think we are ourselves when no one is watching

edna said...

Love the candid shots of your son! Thanks for introducing me to GIMP. I love it. I used to use Adobe Photoshop but I don't own one now and its too expensive to get one. I find GIMP is very much like photoshop. I've one question about GIMP...does it support RAW format? I have a colour image in RAW format, but it open in black and white with GIMP.

Y.S said...

Hi edna, I don't use RAW images very much, but I know that gimp has a plug in for handling raw:
Bear with the website though, it's quite geeky...

J.H said...

@edna : I hope my husband answer your query :-)

@yadkin : thanks!

@Liss : that's right!

edna said...

Yup! question answered. Thanks!

Ayie said...

Candid shots of kids are simply gorgeous.