Thursday, 21 May 2009

Love me because I am beautiful

Few weeks ago, I get to know Fifi.

She is friendly and talkative, not only that, she looks really smart in her multi colour blue, green, orange overcoat.

Fifi is a blue and yellow macaw, a subdivision of parrots. These birds are intelligent and social, so for someone who can provide for their needs, they make good and loving companion parrot. Blue-and-yellow Macaws bond very closely to their owners.


And then I saw Thira, whom not as talkative as Fifi, but she was an excellent "pole dancer". Thira is a scarlet macaw. She can live up to 175 years, although, a more typical lifespan is 200 to 500 years!!!

Both Fifi and Thira came from Brazil and were injured when they were found. Their current carrer said that many parrots like Fifi and Thira wander around neighbourhood because their habitat was destroyed.

There had been decreasing in numbers of parrots in the wild due to a combination of factors, particularly hunting, poaching, and the destruction of habitat through deforestation. Further, the spraying of pesticides by companies cultivating and selling bananas for export played a significant role in decreasing Scarlet Macaw populations.

(Below, Thira wearing her harness, just like pet dog!).

Scarlet Macaws are popular, but are a high maintenance pet; they are expensive to purchase, adopt, or maintain, they are demanding, and they are extremely loud and noisy cage birds. They are prized for their beautiful plumage and considered very affectionate with their owners.

This parrot trainer said, if your pet parrot bite you, you shouldn't shout at it because that will distress the parrot. All you need to do is to "give them your back" and she'll understand that is a punishment of being naughty.


They thrive on,and need frequent, regular interaction. They should be removed from their cages for long periods to socialize and be slowly socialized with others to retain a friendly disposition towards people; they need time to get to know strangers. They will naturally be extremely vocal and should not be discouraged from this behavior but should be given limits overall.

Birds that do not receive enough attention often display behaviors of over-preening, self-mutilation, depression, and extreme rage/aggression. They even can do a suicide attempt if left in distress. Some parrots do well when relocated to a new home. Others pine for the former owner, become ill, and die.

Unfortunately for Thira and Fifi, their injuries made them never fit to compete in Brazilian wilderness anymore.


However, both of them certainly find someone to love.

At the end of the show, her trainer put on a message to the audience that we can donate to help a parrot like Fifi and Thira from to return in the wild... or get a good loving home.

"Love me because I am beautiful"
click here to donate.

p.s : Just when you think you want a parrot for a pet. Some parrot breeds live to be thirty, forty, or fifty years old. You should be prepared to give the parrot a lifetime of love. This is not a temporary pet. It is a companion. Do the math. If you are thirty years old when you take a parrot into your life, you may have it until your own death. Unlike dogs and cats that live ten to fifteen years, a parrot is a “forever” pet. Be sure you want that responsibility.


Ayie said...

Lovely photos, the color is so vibrant!

Sis. Tammy said...

And who says that there is no God! Only a holy, perfect God could have the imagination to create such beauty. There are lovely pictures Jessica!

Have a great evening!

Stardust said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures J.H.! And I LOVE parrots.

In fact, I've reared a total of 7 parrots during childhood, but they were all given away in the end. I didn't know that they can live that long!

Ahh.. what childhood memories. =)

Liss said...

The last shot of the bird and owner is beautiful!

Cath J said...

Love the colours...

J.H said...

@Everyone : sorry it took my so long to reply all the comments, my computer is really pathetic this week. SLOW beyond belief!

@Stardust : are you serious??? seven??? wow!!!