Friday, 29 May 2009

Love of My Life

I can't exactly remember when both my and my husband start to pick up photography as a hobby. In 2001, while we were still living in Singapore, we bought a Canon 300 SLR camera as our travel camera.
But being a film camera, experiment can be expensive. Satisfied with what we have, in 2003, we bought the digital version of it. It was only 500 SGD (150-200 GBP) complete with 70-300mm lens as out first non-standard lens.

And here is the story.
Both me and my husband never think photography as serious business or put any kind of effort to study some techniques. I always find it easier to ask the expert rather than reading books/magazine (Oh well, probably I was just lazy).
We hardly took any pictures while we were in Singapore. I mean, we often went back home to Indonesia, so we find there is no need to keep any pictorial documentary of any kind except it is a special occassion like graduation or birthday. And.... honestly, bringing SLRs was kind of hassle, it was so humongous and it's kind of heavy to hanging around your neck.
Often for months our camera just sit in the wardrobe waiting for another holiday or special occassion to arrive.
And it happened!

3.5 years ago, we moved to UK, and therefore this blog was born. It was originally meant for my parents, families and friends to be in touch with updates. I guess it has serve more purpose that I thought it would because if not because of this blog, I would never meet loads of wife, christian, photoghraper, mum, whom share the same interest, vision and passion.

And then, my camera's adventure begin.
I was slow to realise that taking pictures has become a habit. However, yesterday I was defragmenting my computer and realise "how much" space has been eaten up by archive of uneditted pictures.
Like a grown up with a stack of childhood photographs, I was engrossed looking at tons of pictures in my computer.
I just realise all these has captured the love of my life. The things I loved the most, the things that very dear to my heart.
I saw my wedding pictures (boy, I was so slim back then! Hey, did I ever fit on that dress?)
I saw my pregnancy pictures.
I saw Josiah when he was just few months old (Now he is able to walk, not only that, he was keen to taking on some photography lesson!)
It's really hard to express what you have in mind looking at some of your old pictures. Many people told me that pictures spoke a thousand words.
Yes, it is certainly do.

p.s: I am off to Rome tomorrow!!! Don't worry, I've scheduled some post to keep everyone entertained. See you in 2 weeks time :-)


Cath J said...

Beautiful photo...

Thank God for 'auto post' ^_^

Teresa said...

Yes, your blog very much shows that you love your child and husband. I also see that you love to take pictures and to travel. You have a fine eye to see what would make a great photo that leaves an impression. Your blog has inspired me more than any others so far. Have fun in Rome.

Teresa said...

You might want to join in a pen pal project. Info at:


J.H said...

@Cath : thank you!

@Teresa : thanks! and yes I'll take a look on that link you gave me. But I need to pack my stuff now :-)

sharilyn said...

have a wonderful holiday and happy traveling!! :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos. your son is so gorgeous! i am still dreaming of a good camera.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. Very good series. Have a wonderful trip!

Edna said...

Have fun in Rome!

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Your new header is crazy cute! Enjoyed your post... have a wonderful time in Rome!

hiPPo said...

well, i guess i m reali glad u moved to UK then! cos ur photos are simply stunning and beautiful!.. never fails to brighten up my day.. =) enjoy ur holiday and have good fun!