Thursday, 28 May 2009

A new kitchen

Nope, I am not getting a new kitchen. This beautiful red and black kitchen set is belongs to my son. (I purposely picked the colour to match my kitchen colour scheme, so now we cook side by side!!).
It's been a while since I've been eye-ing a kitchen set for my son. Most of the time we were together, I was cooking while he played few meters away from me with his toys. I knew he often watched me in curiosity, but since all the plates is so easy to break, all the knifes are sharp (of course), hob and oven are obviously hot, so he is left playing with my saucepan and soup spoon. He is a child whom easy to pleased, he never complained of just having saucepan and spoon to play, but I bet my neighbour will! (banging the saucepan = cooking, that's what he thinks anyway).
So I grab this babe for a bit over 30 GBP in ebay, which is really cute. It has loads of feature like the stove make "frying" sound when you put a pot on it, the oven has a timer that can goes "bling", it even comes with chef hat and aprons. The kitchen has a basin, a kitchen rack and cabinet. It even have a fake canned soup, bake bean, plastic fish, egg hotdog and bread. Everthing complete with plates, spoon, coffee maker, cups, mugs, knife, fork and spoon. Worse still, it even have the bits that I, the real cook in the house, don't have!! Yeap, a mixed and blender (this can really spins!), now he made me jealous.
My son was absolutely thrilled to have his own kitchen, he showed me that he wore his mittens before retriving item from his oven (and he even wore an apron too!). From now.... he can officially start to cook with me.


Mei Teng said...

I like your kitchen..the colours are bright and eye catching.

Do you watch Nigella's cooking shows on tv? I love her kitchen and all the cooking gadgets she uses.

I have not blogged about food for like ages....gotta get back to some food stories soon.

Char said...

what a fun gift!

Cath J said...

Owww....That is cute.. My son love to imitate me on cooking also.. Love to have something like that too..but I don't think his daddy will allowed me..He say girls stuff...ayooo!! Who said soo, right??..lots of mans chef around the world (I think he forgot about it) ^_^

Kamana said...

what a great kitchen! my kids and i have love cooking side by side too - although oiur kitchen do not match! but its funny how its always my son who is more interested in cooking (either real or make-believe) than my daughter.

Ellena said...

Wow... What a eye catching kitchen set. I love the Red colour it definitely has brighten up the kitchen :)

Wow.. your boy look smart in his apron too... (can consider to be a future chef *wink*)

Stardust said...

Oh dear, your son is making me so jealous too!! What sophisticated toys!!!

I bet he'll be nurtured into a good family man who's willing to enter the kitchen. ;) Yay!

Natasha de Bell said...

pasti mahal ya? yg di jpn mahal banget ih, pdhl tdnya gw jg mau beliin buat haruka.

hiPPo said...

ooooh... datz so cool! and guess wat? haha.. i m running out to buy on for my little girl today.. =P

happy cooking!

hiPPo said...

ooooh... datz so cool! and guess wat? i m running out to get my little girl a set today too.. haha!

happy cooking!! =)