Monday, 11 May 2009

Oxford, the 7th times

This post is long way due. But I only had a chance to edit the picture few days ago.
Nearly a month ago we went to Oxford with the Kruppas. They are our church friend, an American, who lived in Corby, England. This probably our 7th visitor to Oxford and the beauty of this ancient city never fails to impress me again. I can't imagine I used to stay in one of the college here.
Since it is spring time, we took a chance to view the Magdalen College garden. Above is flower fields nearby the river. I had no clue what the name of this "look-like-bowing-tulip" flower. Any clue?
Here was the bloom few weeks ago, which now already gone until next year. The whole park is filled with various kind of wild flowers, and not only that, you'll spot some deers if you are lucky!
My husband and my son climbing a tree in the university park.
Looking at ducks on Magdalen College's bridge.
And once more..... tulip fiesta!!!
Below, a few picture of Magdalen College property. Not only serve it's function as a accomodation for student, the college own few hectars of garden, a pond, river, even it's own chapel. Magdalen College (pronounced /ˈmɔːdlɨn/ "mawdlin") is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England. As of 2006 the college had an estimated financial endowment of £153 million.
Regarded by some as one of the most beautiful of the Oxford and Cambridge colleges, Magdalen is also one of the most visited. It stands next to the River Cherwell and has within its grounds a deer park and Addison's Walk. Magdalen College School also lies nearby. The large, square Magdalen Tower is a famous Oxford landmark, and it is a tradition that the college choir sings from the top of it early on May Morning (and then followed by a tradition of plunging into the icy cold river!!).
Can you imagine staying in this building? For about 600-800 pound a month you can get yourself a single bedroom on this stately home. Isn't this pretty?
I would think that's include few hundreds old victorian era toilet, I don't know whether I would like that idea.


Cath J said... lovely mom too.. ;-D

yadkinvalleyhome said...

I just found your blog today, and I fell in love with it. You do a great job photographing nature and your family also. I am also a born-again believer in Christ from North Carolina, USA.

I have a photo-blog, but am not confident enough yet to add many words. You can view mine @


Stardust said...

Hello Beautiful!

I'm so glad to take a walk back to Oxford. Ain't half smart as you to study there, but I had the chance to travel there once. Have always been fascinated by the architecture and landscape of Europe. Always picture perfect. Great shots!

edna said...

Love the pictures! Did you do a lot of editing on them?

AG said...

hmmm.. lately, kayanya foto2 josie penuh dia manjat pohon je... cheeky monkey, hihihi

J.H said...

@cath, yadkinvalleyhome, stardust :
Oxford is the first place I visit when we moved to England. Looking at old building might be fun, but even more fun if you living in it (fun in both negative and positive way hahaha....).

@AG : anak gw emang rada monyet nih gus, daripada manjat korden, gw kasih dia manjat pohon!

@edna : I always edit my picture to get the best colour and contrast(normally level, curve, white balance and saturation). You can click on "GIMP" tag on the right hand of my blog to find out GIMP tricks :-) Hope you find it useful.

Liss said...

Oxford looks beautiful. At 600 to 800 pounds and the conversion to the Aussie dollar I don't think I could afford to live there as that is the cost of my home loan per month.

yadkinvalleyhome said...

You did a great job with the slideshow of your wedding pictures!!

MaryAnn Ashley said...

What an amazing experience to study there. I've never been to England, one day.

J.H said...

@Liss : it is still expensive for general UK standard as well. You can get a 2 bedroom flat in my area for 600 pound.

@maryann : give me a shout if you do, we can meet up :-)

@yadkin : thanks, glad you like them.

hiPPo said...

i tink i have to learn photography soon. haha! such lovely scenes...

Ayie said...

so dear, everything's so nice and warm. I love the photos!