Saturday, 23 May 2009

Stoke Goldington Steam Rally (Part 1)

Finally, I finished editing our pictures from 3 weeks ago at the steam rally. This is not our first time here, as we did came to the exact same festival last year. Unfortunately, the weather is not as warm as it was last year. In fact, it was pretty cloudy and windy!
I was playing with the Lomo effect to make the picture look vintage. Below is my favorite car, isn't it elegant?
And then I saw a vintage mini, with loads of minis on the top of it's dash board.
Not sure what kind of brand all these cars are. But they certainly have a great logo!
And this is the main attraction! The vintage traction engine. There are around 30 of them making a line on the center field.

This traction engine really deserve my symphaty....
So, what else is there on steam rally?
Mmm... there is boys scout recruitment whereby you can try several marching band instrument...
Or, if you are more adventurous you can stroke one of these babe.
A siberian husky....
Or probably a european owl?
Oh, seem like she enjoy being cuddled sooo much...
Or, you can do what this grandpa do.... reading in his vintage car.

To be continued....


Char said...

fantastic shots - I would love to visit someplace like this

edna said...

Love them all especially the vintage tractor engine... The colourful wheels caught my eyes. I'm not much into capturing classic cars & the like ( I'm more into landscape and nature), but I'm inspired after looking at your beautiful pictures!

Cath J said...

Lovely...lovelyyy... May be can teach me some technic of editing photo... (so admire your work)!! ;-D

Stardust said...

Hubby could have so much fun if he is there! Boys... And that owl taken with your boys, looks so very pleased. =D

Love the new header!

J.H said...

@Char : You are excellent at taking vintage feel pictures! I bet you can do much better job than me :-)

@Edna : I am not into vintage cars as well, but what can I do to fight with 2 men in my household? haha....

@Cath J : Yes, I'll probably blog more about GIMPing tecniques sometime soon.

@Stardust : I am a bit nervous when my son wanted to pet the owl. Because it's written on the board "PET AT YOUR OWN RISK". Very helpful indeed!

Liss said...

That looks like a real fun family outing. My kids love these type of event and the weather never bothers them when they are having fun.

lovely pics and I like the vintage effects you have applied.

Ayie said...

Very nice photos, I love the train.