Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Thai pork skewer

I've been wanting to post this long ago. This is one of the dish that I made the recipe on my own. It's pretty simple and quick to made.

Ingredients :
500 gr pork meat (mince)
4 stick of lemon grass
100 gr flour
2 onion, diced
3 big red chilli, diced
1 lime, squeeze
2 eggs
2 tea spoon of sesame oil
4 tea spoon of sweet soy sauce (I use ABC)
shallot, garlic, nutmeg, salt and sugar

mixed all the ingredients (except for lemon grass) and leave it for 15 min.
Cut the lemon grass to 10cm long, this will be the stick. Then pat approx 3 spoon full of mixture and shape it around the lemon grass just like the picture. Glaze the tray with oil, and put it for 25 minute on the oven (210 degree).

Serve it with warm rice.


Ayie said...

That's a delicious dish! Nice color and the way you plated looks so good.

Marfa said...

That sounds great...when my husband was in the Army he made a good friend who was from Thailand and gave us a sticky rice basket and's the kids favorite kind of rice!

THANKS for your comment on my blog. You're so right!

sharilyn said...

love, love, love the new banner!!! :) so cute!

Char said...

sounds so yummy

Stardust said...

This seems yummilicious! Sad thing I can't find lemongrass here. =( Do you manage to get lemongrass easily? From Asian groceries?

Ellena said...

Wow.. Jessica,

Thanks for sharing this recipe.. I can almost smell the scent of the Lemongrass in my office now.. :) This is indeed a great way to infuse the meat with he scent of the lemongrass.

Liss said...

I have to say Thai food is my favourite.

Lots of chilli in your dish bt that doesn't bother me either.

J.H said...

@Everyone : let me know if anyone trying this :-)

@Stardust : apparently yes. Thai food is as common as indian/pakistani food here.

@Liss : I love chilli!!!

@Ellena : I think I need your input to refine my recipe :-)