Thursday, 21 May 2009

Truly british

At times, I am amazed with the manner of British (or European) people preserving something. I should say, coming from third country complete with its mentality, I fall short in seeing the future value of many national heritage should it be well kept. And that's include this beautiful vintage red double decker bus, which probably just look like a public transport for commoner during it's time.
However now, double-deckers have become a symbolic image of the country in particular the use of the red double decker buses in London. A particularly iconic example was the Routemaster bus, which had been a staple of the public transport network in London for nearly half a century following its introduction in 1956.
This bus was parked on the ground of Stoke Goldington during the Steam Rally few weeks back. You can wander up/down of the bus freely (no charge) however you can also give up donation for the upkeeping for the bus (which what most people do), I bet this attitude will never works in my country.
One country boy and his dad.


Stardust said...

It must have made a hole in many hearts when the busses had to go. I was lucky to be in London when they were still running. They're so iconic.

Cath J said...

So classic!

Char said...

the buses are very iconic

great shots

Ayie said...

Your shots are great. Those buses are classic, it will be really good to see that around the streets.

Sis. Tammy said...

This reminds me of the song, "The wheels on the bus go round and round!" LOL

AG said...

josie, so cuteee.... hihi.. chubby josie.. :p

J.H said...

@Stardust : I believe you still can ride on them on few routes in London.