Friday, 8 May 2009


Finally, here is just an outline of places we visited in Cumbria, Lake Distric. It's trully has been an unforgettable visit. Definetely the most scenic place in England. Here is goes...

Some "boring" facts : Thirlmere is a reservoir in the Lake District National Park, Cumbria, England. It runs roughly south to north and is bordered on the eastern side by the A591 road and on the western side by a minor road. I don't personally think this place is special... I mean, there is tons of lake in The Lake District, and this was just another one. However, we did stop and took a few picture.

My husband think this tree bark is interesting. Well, it is covered with soft moss. An indication that the weather around here is pretty humid.

If you are looking for cheap accomodation, this probably is the right place. I personally don't exactly like Keswick after I compare it with surrounding village (Grasmere and Buttermere are much nicer, with small shops, fancy cafe and narrow alley).
Today, the majority of Keswick's businesses are tourism related, providing accommodation and facilities for the tens of thousands of people visiting the area each year. The Keswick Tourism Association publishes an annual guide to the area, including details of annually inspected and approved visitor accommodation.
Also, you can see the Castlerigg stone circle here.

The town is also home to the Cars of the Stars Motor Museum, a motor vehicle museum featuring celebrity cars from television and film, and Keswick Museum and Art Gallery; a Victorian museum which features the famous Musical Stones of Skiddaw.
Keswick is also the site of the Cumberland Pencil Museum. This details the manufacturing history of pencils and shows how pencils have been used through the ages. One of the exhibits is what is claimed to be the world's largest pencil!!!

Here is probably the most lovely spot for photography.... if the weather is right. You've better make sure your car have a good brakes when you come here. The road is extremely steep. Just past Gatesgarth Farm at the southern end of Buttermere is the beginning of Honister Pass. It connects the Buttermere valley with the eastern end of Borrowdale valley. Rising to 1167 feet in height at the summit, it's one of Cumbria's highest passes. The road's gradient is 1 in 4.

It was unfortunatelly very cloudy and foggy when we arrove there.

It's extremely cold and windy on the top of the mountain!

Old slate quarries and underground mines sit atop the barren summit of Honister Pass. The slate is now taken from underground tunnels only. Underground mine tours of Honister give a view of how the slate is extracted, while the Visitor Centre details the history of slate mining. Visitors may also watch workmen preparing the slate. A reconstructed slate mine is included in the displays. Slate can be purchased for building use and a shop sells slate souvenirs.

We were just as far as this church... the bad weather has made us change our plan.

As mentioned on the previous post...

Not that the weather is warm that we were doing this. In a matter of fact, the water is icy cold and the wind is pretty strong!

The highlight of our trip this time is a small village of Rydal located beside Rydal Water and the river Rothay on the A591 north of Ambleside. Nothing much said about this lovely small lake in the internet, however we found it like a hidden treasure.

It is not that those sheeps were injured, I increase the saturation and cause the fur to look as if it bleeds! The farmer marked the sheeps with red/yellow paint to help differentiating them.

What I called picture perfect day. The sky was blue and no wind at all! Look at these perfect reflection.

If you are thinking about visiting England, these is a must see destination!


Edna said...

Breathtakingly beautiful.. The nature itself reveals the Glory of God. Of all the place in the UK, Lake District scenery is outstanding! It's one of my favourite places and I love all the vivid colours! I have visited many places in Europe but none so far surpass the the unique beauty of Lake District. Photography is my hobby too, but not as good as you..:-) Great composition and must say you have a very creative eye! What dslr do you use?

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Just amazing! Thanks for sharing with us... I felt like I was on a bit of a holiday...

Send me a plane ticket & I'll set you a photobooth anywhere you'd like.

Happy Mother's Day! (It's on Sunday here in the states)

Liss said...

you are so brave for dipping your feet into the cold eaters of the lakes.

Merryn said...

simply beautiful! the pictures themselves do the talking here.. simply breathtakingly beautiful. thanx for sharing. i love the one with the side view mirror!

J.H said...

@Edna : thank you. I am using Canon EOS 300D. I still have a long way to learn from pro photographer like MaryAnn, Liss, Keri, etc :-)

@MaryAnn : I'll wait until the oil price dropped again, then I'll send you one plane ticket, one way, no return!

@Liss : I am not sure about your kids, but mine, word "cold water" is not in his vocabulary, or at least not yet

@Merryn : yes, it's unusual in UK to be this settle, normally the summer days are pretty windy.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

It all looks beautiful to me! I hope I get to go there one day :)

Cath J said...

Sooo heaven! :-D

Edna said...

Do you self-teach yourself photography?

LuxeLass said...

Your pictures are always so lovely. Colours are rich, and so surreal. How I wish I"m in such a wonderful place. It helps to relax the mind...

J.H said...

@Wayfaring, Cath & Luxe,
Hey, I hope you girls come and visit me one day *wink wink*

Both me and my husband sort of learn it from magazine and asking more expert photographer. I owe so much of my skill and inspiration to all of them. If you interested to know them, the link to their blogs is on the right hand side of my blog on "talking about my passion" section.

cLiu said...

good work. enjoying your blog's photo a lot.