Saturday, 27 June 2009

Life is Sweet

Today, another dear friend of mine is getting married. We didn't meet up a lot physically but rather through virtual means (read : internet). Looking at their pictures does remind me about my "youthful" days, those sweet carefree days.
However, today is her big day... and I am really touched reading their love story.
Dian and Stephen... Congratulation and may God bless you both abundantly!
Their Story

So let’s go straight to the point, how did you guys met? And who approached whom?
S: This was three and a half years ago. We happened to go out with the same group of friends this one time, to cedar point theme park. On one ride, we happened to be sitting next to each other, and so we talked. That’s how we first met, but I didn’t actually approach her until a couple weeks later. I had to take a couple shot of courage booster to pull myself together and asked her if she would go to church together. You know, like a church date. And I asked for her number of course.
Ah ok, so Dian why him? I’m sure you had other suitors, but what made you want to go into a relationship with him?

D: Haha, I think it was because he was different. He is the best looking one out there, of course. * Wink * And, it was the way he approached me. He didn’t overdo it. Not too much sweet talking or promises. It was just a simple and genuine expression of love. I knew right then I could trust him.
So for both of you, what were the negative traits that you don’t like from each other?

D: He is an only child, so he’s used to being alone. I don’t like it when he keeps everything to himself, being on his own and figuring things out himself.

What do you think about Dian?

S: She’s super sensitive and moody. And can be super unreasonable sometimes.

LOL, I think that’s just how girls are. What about now?

D: He definitely has gotten better; I don’t remember getting mad because of that recently. And yet, I’m still sensi and moody. Uh-oh!

No complaints Ken?

S: This I’ll just have to swallow
For a million Rupiah, when and where did you share your first kiss?

S: Umm…. Pass

D: Skip please!

Haha, Ok then, how long did the two of you dated? Is there any dark moment from that period? And how did you overcome that moment?

S: We would have dated three years and eight months on our wedding day.

D: Hmm, actually our relationship sailed pretty smooth. No icebergs or tsunamis. Maybe small waves here and there, but that’s about it.

S: I irritate her... she irritates me, I get angry… she gets angry. But at the end of the day, we’re cool again.

Ok there were arguments obviously in your relationship or else it wouldn’t set the chemistry in motion but how did you get over the arguments? What was the compromise you had to make for each other?

D: Of course, relationship is about compromising. Right, honey? * wink *

S: Yeah, and I always end up giving in.

You’re very lucky Dian.
So, how did you propose?

S: The proposal didn’t go quite as I wanted to. Well, I took her to the John Myers bridge, which was our first date spot. I had my camera, my tripod, and so we were taking pictures there. I had planned on kneeling down and popped the question while we were posing. I thought it would be cool to have one of the most important moment in our life captured on camera. But my nerves cracked, felt the butterflies just thinking about it. So, I end up blurting out the question while hugging her. I even forgot to show her the ring. So while she was still stunned. I quickly knelt down and did it all over again in a proper way, with the ring that’s been sitting in my pocket for days and the magic question: ‘will you marry me?’

What made you asked the question?

S: I knew she was the one from the start. It was just a matter of when.

How romantic, Dian what made you answered yes?

D: He’s made for me. I knew it when I started to see the beauty of how our relationship is not always the way I plan it. He might not have everything that I hoped for but somehow it’s enough and it was all I need.

S: In other words, we were meant for each other.

D: Yeah, we are just perfect for each other.

Haha, Is there anything you want inside him/her that you want to change after the marriage?

D: stop playing videogames alreadyyyy!

S: What!?! No, you should start playing video games with me. It’ll be good for when we have kids.
Haha, ok ok, do you guys have any advice for other friends regarding to relationship and marriage?

S: Take your time. You’ll know it when you’ve found the one

D: Expect the unexpected. There is no such thing as Mr. Right; you need to work things out to make it right.

How did you manage to become this couple, I mean do you have any role model for a relationship?

D: I look to my parents for guidance. Their love and commitment to each other is inspiring.

S: I guess parents. My perspective of relationship is molded from theirs.
Well now you've taken the same step as theirs, are there anything that you are going to miss/lose, now that you’re going to be husband and wife?

S: What do I have to miss? Everything I need is right here.
Ok, you two seem so sweet, what was the sweetest thing he/she ever did, that really touched your heart?

D: There was this one time he flew down to Indiana to visit. We were just sitting around watching movies when he told me he has gotten scared of flying recently. I asked him why. He said, he couldn’t imagine if anything bad were to happen that we couldn’t be together anymore. Because for once, he felt he has someone to go home to. He is not the romantic type at all so I find it really sweet when he told me this,

How about you ken?

S: Hmm, usually every night I would bug her asking what I should eat for dinner. One day, she made me a box filled with food ideas, recipes, and what to eat for the next month. Maybe she got tired of me asking.
Was there anything that he/she did just because he/she loves you?

D: Too many to mention. But, I always remember this one. Back then when I was in Purdue Musical Organization, there was a stretch where I had late practices, and he would come and pick me up every night around 1 AM. I still remembered it was snowing hard and he was really sick at the time.

S: And she loves me so much she wants me to recover fast, she made me eat all 3 antibiotics in a day. It was supposed to be one per day. Oh meng! It is pretty funny to think about it again tho’.
Ok, last question. if you can send a message to both of you, 25 years from now at your 25th wedding anniversary, what would you say to them?

S: “Oh hot dayam! You look as stunning as always.”

D: “So you are still playing videogames and I still love you”

Haha ok then Dian and Kendra thank you for your time.

There they are, Stephen (Kendra) and Dian, in their utmost honesty revealing each other from their own point of view. I can’t help feeling more happy for them and wishes them the best for the new road ahead. We know that nothing is ever smooth, but with the lessons they learned early in their relationship, I’m sure they have what it takes to achieve that ‘happily ever after’. I’ll see you in the wedding guys.

Jozef Thenu
p.s: I only took a portion of this interview so that it wasn't too long to read :-)

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Stardust said...

Congratulations to Dian and Stephen, I know how happy one feels to see best pals getting married. I love reading such stories, and be reminded that life is sweet. =)