Monday, 29 June 2009

Lost in My Secret Garden

Few days ago, I promise to post more picture of the big flower meadow in coton manor, northamptonshire. And here it is!
A meadow of ox eye daisy, dancing in the wind. The bees are buzzing, the butterfly chasing each other.
What a perfect place for a picnic.
One happy country boy.
Happily exploring his secret garden.
As he grew older, Josiah is now more aware of his surrounding. He started to get interested in insect and what are they doing. Unfortunately his vocabulary of insect is not very much developed yet. So, apparently for him all creeping insect is an ant and all buzzing insect (yes, wasp, and fly) is bee.
This purple flower was not here last year!
We are so absorb adoring the beauty of God's creation.
And do you spot the blue dragon fly?
It's absolutely....Bee-autiful


Char said...

gorgeous shots!! what a beautiful day

Cath J said...

Soooo lovely!!!

AG said...

beautiful :D

Merryn said...

josiah is not bothered by the pollen? nice! i'm lost in that garden too... i wish.

Anonymous said...

The garden is beautiful! Love the flowers.

betchai said...

you take really very beautiful pictures, i love every one of them. i too can get lost in that garden, thanks for sharing to us.

PS....thanks also for stopping by my site and leaving me a comment, am so glad I learned about your site, I really love your posts.

Stardust said...

And though I haven't got enough of the Santorini, I must say that flowers and greenery are appealing their way too. =)

hiPPo said...

gosh! itz simply gorgeous.. love the place!

J.H said...

I am still working one last santorini entry :P It consist of about 20 picture. Bear with me :-)