Tuesday, 16 June 2009


After our battle defeating the longest queue I ever seen in my life, at least for once I stepped in my feet into san pietro and sistine chapel.
After wandering around Rome in 2 days, I really thought that the Romans were obsessed with flamboyant design.
Below, my attempt to do an HDR.
My boy is not very impressed with the amount of waiting we do. I didn't blame him, it's extremely boring even for adults.
The italian are a fine art expert. I don't know how Michael Angelo did this, but I am sure it's uncomfortable to paint upside down.
Unfortunately, their state of the art went a little bit too far. They use anything as their canvas.
Okay, back to the real topic, the italian design :
And I don't know what is this, probably someone really obsessed with women.
On the other side, the Italian or rather, Romans, loved bloodshed battle (even though now it's already replaced by various MTV concert) and therefore Colosseum stand in it's majestic build.
But Italian also love doing crazy stuff, like get married in front of the public. This wedding was actually broadcasted on radio 105 FM at the very same minute.
Can you spot them on the picture below?
Talking about passion for sports the italian really have it all. They even try to grow Ronaldo's hair!
Not only good looking women and men exist in this country, you can see the most glam looking bags and shoes, and from fashion to hat and gloves.

But I would say the italian obsessed of food the most. But unlike the common belief that Italian food is basically made of basil leaves and sundried tomato, we had discovered otherwise.
Most of spaghetti, pasta and pizza we tried has nothing to do with that at all (nonetheless taste good), in fact they use loads of garlic and olive. (Below : the nicest olive bread I tasted in our journey)
When we were in Napoli (Naples) we had a previledge to try the best Neapolitan pizza in the world, which allegedly Brad Pit even get there to get pizza. The city itself has not much to offer rather than big pile of rubbish or getting yourself a chance to meet a real mafia.
(Napoli, where you can taste the real italian way of life and cuisine, and here is the view from my window).
The place is a bit dingy for it's reputation, and there merely 2 selection of pizza. However, the length of queue confirm the title.
Unlike normal pizza, the Neapolitan are thin crusted. Really think that you have to fold it when you eat it. But the smell and the taste beat Pizza Hut anydays. I am sure after this trip, no pizza will taste as good in my mouth!
And someone is definetely born to be italian.
Finger linkin good.
After our 5 days episode in Italy, my son is fluent to count 1 to 10 in italian. Complete with the accent! Probably these italian food do some good.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Lil' gem said...

Bring back memories looking at your pictures. I was in Rome 13 years ago..we went during easter time and it was ash wednesday the day we visited Vatican city and we were absolutely disappointed we couldn't visit all the places you've visited because it was closed for a mass. But on the flip side we saw pope john paul on the balcony conducting mass at the square tho'. Nvr mind...I have hope to return to Rome some day tho' as I've thrown some coins in the Trevi Fountain!

AG said...

hahaha, direkam donks je, si josie ngitung.. :p pasti lutuuuu... huhuhuhu..

Grey Street Girl said...

Wow, great shots! Thanks for sharing your journey!

And, I love your blog header - I've never been there, but I want to go so badly. Someday....

Stardust said...

And you're worrying about him having still no talk? ;)

I LOVE Italian cuisine, affordable, exquisitely tasteful, and nuitritious! I don't find any other pizza that good apart from Italy's.

I'm dying to read your sharing on Greece!! The header is drop dead gorgeous!

Stardust said...

BTW, thanks for the info on SQ. It puts up offer around the year actually, but it really is not a good time to travel now. =P

Liss said...

I love that hat in the window. It was probably out of my price range, right?

More beautiful photos Jessica. It looks like you got to see alot while you were there.

J.H said...

@Lil' Gem : wow! I was extremely lucky then. I was there on sunday and there is a mass (can you see the LCD TV on my picture? it's actually broadcasting the mass), however the church remain open for public.

@Grey Street Girl : Santorini is a must see destination :-) hope you'll have a chance to visit it one day!

@stardust : I wished he was born in Italy, then no worry for me.
Stay tune, we are editting our Greece picture :-)

@Liss : I have no clue about the price, but so far anything in the airport (this is in Fiumicino Rome) is expensive.

Anonymous said...

hey that's worth all the long standings at the queue, isnt it? amazing photos.