Sunday, 21 June 2009


I was looking at my highschool graduation picture the other day (ok, can you find me?).
It was over than 10 years ago. I remember those care-free day, full of enjoyment, energy, and dream.

And then I look at today. I met some really old friends on facebook. Some moved overseas, some still stay in my hometown. Some already married with 3 kids, some still single. Some already set up their own firm, some become a stay at home mum.

And then I look at my own life.
You really can't guess where you'll be heading. Some friends that much smarter than me in university may not end up earning more, and some friends who get a job right away after graduation may not ever taste the reward of working in UK.
Actually, I didn't deserve all this, and moreover my blessing is a result of someone else wisdom.

My father.

I don't always agree with his advice, but... apparently, he obviously knew what he is talking. So now, I look back and see where I was before and what I am now. I give thanks for having HIM as my father.

My earthly father, my grand father and my Heavenly Father.


I love you, Dad, for all the things you do.
You make laugh when I am feeling blue.
You can untie the hardest knot of all,
Although I've tugged the lace until it's small.

You know the reason for 'most everything,
Like why it rains and why bees sometime sting,
Like why the sun comes up and flowers bloom,
And why a jet creates a sonic boom.

You are the closest friend I've ever had.
You share with me the times both good and bad.
You play those games I know you hate to play.
And plan a trip for me each holiday.

I love you, Dad, for all the things you do,
But most of all I love you, Dad,
and this is just for you.

From Josiah to Daddy.


Char said...

adorable shots.

Natasha de Bell said...

gw tebak, elo yg depan sebelah kiri ya...

Stardust said...

Your boy is surely cooperative and photogenic! I'm loving those intimate shots. =)

I love dad too. He's someone very dear to me. And I thank God for him. =)

Mei Teng said...

Everyday is father's and mother's day! :)

Kamana said...

what a great smile your son has! so adorable :)

Liss said...

That is a cute tribute. I have to laugh because you can tell that you boy is getting very use to posing for the camera. Beautiful photos.

J.H said...

@Nat : pinter loe hehehehe....