Saturday, 6 June 2009

Time for cars.....

UPDATE : I am in Athens now, unfortunately internet is a rare comodity in Italy and Greece. So bear with me folks! On the other hand, it is sizzling 28 degree celcius (10% humidity) here in Athens. But the good news is... we had about 1500 pictures back log.

I am not a big fan of cars, but now I am on the edged position to bear no resistance talking about it. If you ask me what is the thing I WOULD NOT spend a penny on, that would be cars. Ohhh... if only I can walk to office!!

First, I had this 1998 (yeap, a 11 year old) car in my driveway. Nothing wrong with the car really. I like the size (it is a small Peugeot 106), it's doing a good mileage, and never cost too much to maintain. But, no matter how I love this car... and how tight is my pocket to get a replacement, I just need to change to another car. Why? okay, first is the cambelt will need replacing soon, for the price of the car now... probably the cambelt will cost more than the car!

Another thing, UK government come up with this stimulus plan to help the car industry. In short, if you trade your old car (10 years old at least) to get a brand new one, you'll get 2000 GBP discount. Many friends told me this is the right year to buy a car.

Oh well, probably it is just the right time to move on.

There has been a lot of question in my head, if yes, what should I buy? Will it be used or new? I have only one requirement (I won't ask much), that is a car with excellent fuel efficiency. (p.s: I am driving automatic car so I have not much option).

So, the hybrid car came to my rescue.

I've heard a lot about Prius. However, I've driven one of them in Rocky Mountain NP, and disappointed with it. The ABS failed us because we force the car to climb the icy terrain across Colorado. We nearly stranded in a petrol station out of no were! Thanks to the nice petrol station assistance whom lent the phone so that we can call toyota dealer, and they told us what to do. Now, I don't want to repeat the same tragedy because I plan to bring my future car to clim on St. Moritz, the famous skiing destination.

However, the road look like this :

Isn't that amazing? Imagine this with snow? Excellent! So, now my nomination comes to this new Honda, called Honda Insight. This car about 3K GBP less than prius, and they both do the same job.
If any of my reader have an input, let me know. I really need to think about this before the end of this year! Thank you!


Liss said...

Get the car, I say.

I am so needing a new car too even though mine is only 5 year old. It's jixed. Someone just ran into it again and drove off, leaving me to pay the $500 insurance excess fee to get it fixed.

Cath J said...

What a winding road!!!!!!

Merryn said...

da winding road is beautiful!

Stardust said...

Just trust your instincts dear. Prius is definitely selling better than Insight in Japan, but nothing beats one's own preference. ;)

J.H said...

@liss : I hate to hear a story like that. I hope you'll find a nice new car soon.

@cath & merryn : in fact, I saw this kind of road on my way to Oia, santorini, will upload the picture soon.

@stardust : that's true in UK as well. But 3K pound difference is quite a lot :-)

AG said...

hmmm.. gw si baru tanya ke temen gw yang ahli mobil je. Buat dia, dua2nya performancenya mirip, front wheel drive, and menurut dia, insight lebih worthed, dengan harga yang lebih miring, performance sami mawon. Dia sendiri lebih prefer honda, katanya lebih enak setirnya.

Trus, another temen gw juga recommend insight, soalnya honda technologynya lebih canggih dari toyota, insigth pake 1.3L 8 valve, toyota pake 1.8L 4 valve. Jadinya, honda lebih irit, dan interiornya lebih bagus.

Size wise, emang prius lebih gede dikittt.. tapi buat keluarga kecil kaya elo, insight tetep lebih worthed. Jadi, rekomendasi dari 2 temen gw yang gila mobil, mending insight. Gituuuhh.. huhuhu

Oh, katanya elo juga bisa liat2 di