Thursday, 30 July 2009

Blue sea

Update : okay finally, I have a spare time to add some text to this entry.

Here is Snowshill valley, a place beutiful village in Cotswold England. If you ever heard of Cotswold, it was famous for various hollywood movie setting as character village. Not only it has a picturesque village setting with yellow bricked house and a set of perfect laid garden.

It also have a 52 hectars of blue sea with a very sweet smelling fragance filling the air.
The sensation is great. We park the car and this is in front of us...
lavender Can you see the wave? the Snowshill Lavender farm is laid out such that you can see a different layer of lavender colour looked just like a wave rolling in the sea.

My son stand in awe of his Creator mighty hand.
lavender7 You can find millions of bees buzzing. They are too busy doing their business that they won't even bother to distrub you.
lavender5 For the first time in my life, I saw lilac lavender (below).
lavender4 The sky, the brezze, the cloud, the temperature, it's just so perfect that day.
A really nice place to sit and adore the nature and doing nothing!
Giant blue catterpilars!!
Thanks to self timer and our mini tripod. We just documented another very succesful day out.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

My daily routine

Just in case you are wondering is it though to be a 2 year old?
Okay, let me tell you what I do. I woke up [forcefully] at around 7.30 a.m. My mom stuffed a tooth brush in my mouth, frantically change my nappy and clothes, brush my hair [optional] and tadah, I am ready in less than 10 minutes. Then she put on my outdoor slipper and drag me to the door.
She used to carry me to the car, but now... she told me I was waaaayyy to heavy. Heavier than a sack of tesco rice she brought. So, I have to walk from the apartement to the parking lot and jump to my car seat.
I am normally pretty well behaved boy during my 35 minute journey to Ms Julie house. I will drink my milk, eat my bananas while spotting all the train, buses, trucks and minis. I like to count police car and ambulance too. Before long, I arrived at Ms Julie house. I had the honour of pressing the door bell and peek from her letter box. Yes I saw my best friend Ryan is approacing, and trying to open the door for me.

The fun day begin.
I had never been bored in Ms Julie's house. Both me and Ryan bake cakes, playing with his multi-storey car park, giant lego blocks, fancy equipment on his boys work bench [Ms Julie trained us to be a real man this early, I tell you], or jumping on the tranpoline!!! and oh yes... he had a box full of trains and tracks too.
She even do something that probably my mom and dad dread me to do as I always mess up the house.
Yes, I picked red for my binoculars. I love red!
Ms Julie sometimes brings us out to the city, play in the sand pit, or picnic in the park. On a rainy day [which is most of the time here in England] she brings us to indoor play area [I looooove it!!!] or even swimming pool [swimming pool are normally heated and indoor].
If we ask her nicely, she might even let us jump in muddy puddles with Ryan's wellington boots and raincoats. Oh yes, sometimes, on special occassion all of us went to kids theme park or to the farm to pet some rabbit and feed bottle the baby goat. We jump on giant bouncy castle that have a cool long slides. But my favorite is to ride on the tractor around the farm.
On school holiday, when all those fun kiddie places are packed. She will inflate the paddling pool on her garden and spray us with the hose. We'll play fishing and pirates hunt. All of us love it!
Few days ago was Ryan 3rd birthday. He had a "monkey" cake. I thought it is pretty cool. We play and party all day long.
I even completely forgot about my nap!
Ryan got a really nice quad-bike from his parents. I can tell he like it a lot. I thought it was so sweet of him to let me have a turn riding it.
My mom told me this picture is hillarious. For no apparent reason.
Below, I am wearing a party hat while sitting on Ms Julie lap. She loves to give me cuddles.
Beside, eating, playing and napping. I also have a new activity added to my list. And even THIS I do it together with my best friend.
Don't you think my Thomas potty chair is cool? [Okay, if my mom change her mind, she might remove the image above, so grab yourself a copy before she decide to take it offline].

The day is over, the doorbell rang, and I will run to the door.

"Josiah is your mommey" Ryan told me.

And I will run to the door and scream "Mommey....mommey...!!"
I hugged my mom, wave goodbye to Ms Julie and Uncle Michael. And now... time to have a rest in my comfy car seat.

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Sunday, 26 July 2009

English Stereotypes

I know my family would really like to know about my life here in England. They came here before, but obviously merely as tourists they have seen England with a different glasses.

When I first arrive in England, I knew nothing about their norm and culture.
Apparently... the comedian, Rowan Atkinson in "Black Adder" already summarise them (yes I hear you saying Mr. Bean but that is not British enough). But in case you don't watch that series (because only British do), you can read a snippet of this story


World's Best Job

ENGLISHMAN Ben Southall, winner of the World's Best Job, hasn't even started "work" yet and he's already living up to the worst stereotypes of his countrymen.

Southall, 34, will collect a $150,000 tax payer-funded salary for six months lounging around the tropical paradise, enjoying free meals and accommodation in a three-bedroom luxury villa on Hamilton Island.

However, the blond-haired project manager from Petersfield, Hampshire, is already complaining his July 1 start date means he will miss out on the English summer, The Sun reports

"I'll miss the long days we have. The island may boast a tropical climate but it gets dark at 8pm," he moaned.

The Brit even whinged about missing English food, saying he would pine for roast dinners.

"It will be far too hot to cook anything like that," he said.

Southall's only duty is to produce a blog detailing his life of leisure and regular activities such as sailing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

He beat off more than 34,000 other applicants from around the world to win the coveted post, dreamed up by Tourism Queensland as part of an award-winning promotional campaign.


Ahem, mister, I think you need to start to count your blessing. In case you complained again, I'll be very willing to do a job swap with you (there you go, you can get paid for watching telly 8 hours a day!!). Nevermind that I can't eat English food or it gets dark at 8 p.m.

Friday, 24 July 2009

How to survive in a hot day

Greece is a very hot country even to a standard of tropical-island-dweller like me.

During early summer (early June) you can expect the temperature hitting 37-39 degree celcius (about 100 Fahrenheit) with only 10% humidity. Many people said it get worse in July as the heat pikes up to 47 degree Celcus.

Luckily most of hotel are equipped with air cond, but alas sometimes the heat still unbearable.
The sunlight at daytime normally so strong and bright, moreover the white/blue hora (greek traditional house) work as a reflector adding to the pain on the eyes. I hardly able to keep my eyes open at all!

So here is a remedy to survive in a long hot day in Greece.

1. Choose a hotel with a nice swimming pool.
When it is too hot to wander anywhere, you'll probably spend 60% of your afternoon in the swimming pool. Therefore a swimming pool with a view is a must!

2. Choose a cave room instead of normal bedroom.
They said cave room is much cooler than normal house, and I have to say there is a lot of truth in it. The material and architecture make it really cool even with no air cond. I love the colour coordinated deco and the uneven wall plaster! It's simply makes me feel like staying somewhere special.
A very interesting experience for us to stay in Nostos Traditional Cave Studio Room for 4 days!

3. Invest in a good sunglasses and sun block lotion!
Yes, my son clearly know how it is feel to go out without any of them.

And then after you are ready, you can sit and enjoy this...
I promise, I'll go back.... one day!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Summer Dresses

I must admit I am a little lost appetite on blogging lately. I've been busy with a lot of thing lately, with friends, church, or just having some quality time with my own family (away from the computer).
But the latest monsoon sales got me thinking, it's summer... and I hardly have anything looks bright and light (okay, it's winter most of the time here) so I decide to have a little wander around.

I really like this top, it looks bright and airy. I think this will look great with a pair of black trousers for smart casual office wear.

Or how about some beautiful sequined-beaded short dress for some garden party or just for going to church? (When I say short, that's mean just under the knee). I can imagine wearing the dress below and sitting underneath an oak tree, with my favorite book in my hand, sipping a sweet hot tea and a jar of biscuit. Isn't that sound just PERFECT?

Or if you are looking for something more formal for an evening treat. Look at this. This lovely dress called "countess", which I think lived to it's name in term of elegancy and simplicity. I just love it.

Ahh... I simply love country with 4 season! There is always a reason for you to change your wardrobe every 4 month or so :-)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I choose

I hadn't been quite a busy day at work, hence I did a little blog stalking. I read from a friend blog whom months ago broke up with her boy friend. She said, she'd found someone new. She wrote that she quite surprised at herself that she would fall on a guy like him.

He wasn't her type at all. She had outlined her worry because this man came from a different culture, had a different vision of life, and of the same stubborness characther.

Many people believe that love unifies many differences. I believe that is both right and wrong to the statement. Falling in love is the easy part, you're just following the law of gravity. What happens after the initial attraction fades and you realise the extent of your differences?

I am glad I had made a decision to stay with him no matter what.
Happy anniversary sweetheart. - 16 July 2009

p.s: Don't get confuse, I celebrate 2x wedding anniversary due the difference in wedding day and registry of marriage!


Other update...

Now you see almost all of my latest travel picture. It's time for me to get a little inspiration of where to go next.
I've always been dreaming about visiting New Zealand again for the second time. Alas the distance between UK and New Zealand really put me off to proceed anywhere with the plan.
Now, I tell you a secret about my travel plan. Most of my travel were planned after browsing Flickr! photostream. Loads of excellent traveller and likewise photographer share their experience (plus the tips : what time of the day, what season, what date) even sometime geotag the exact location!

So here is my inspiration for next year.

Invisible Sun
Romsdalsfjorden #2 (landskap Norge)
This place had a close resemblace with Lake Tekapo New Zealand, but a lot closer to UK.

Norway also have loads of mountain ridge with snow cap, hillside farm, and fyord...

I have my Norway back

exactly like New Zealand. Isn't that remind you of Milford sound? Well, that is actually a lot better than fyord in New Zealand.

Fra / From Bud (Photomatix version)
The picture above remind me of Akaroa, New Zealand.
Farmland #4 (landscape Norway)

And if you feel a little bored with just panorama, you can try some adrenaline adventure like this.

Are you afraid of heights? Come to Preikestolen, Norway!
Excuse me Sir, is toddler allowed around here?

Okay, but... Norway (I mean all the Scandinavian country) are generally very expensive to visit. Even for someone who used to spend in Sterling Pound! So, is there any other likewise place to visit? Well, I wanted to see something different this time, so I dug up my USA lonely planet book and do my research on....

Shenandoah National Park.
Autumn Sunset - Little Stony Man Cliffs – Shenandoah National Park
Which many people said are the best to visit in autumn. I can see the reason why.
"Fall" Water - Shenandoah National Park
Tree-Lined Road
And not forgetting Luray Cavern. I accidentally saw that wayfaring wanderer, one of my virtual friend just went there and came back with loads of jaw dropping picture. You can view her entry here.
Wishing Well - Luray Caverns

Right, I guess now time to slave away and earn those ££ to pay for the holiday.

PHOTO CREDIT TO : Krogen, DwoodB, Johannes Heine and RUKnight.

Sunday, 19 July 2009


Now that summer is officially here, we are about to see loads more wildflower meadow putting on their display. On this time of the year, poppies are one of the prime beauty queen in many fields. Unfortunately, farmer generally does not like them and consider them as weed.
Fortunately for me, just about 50m from my office I can enjoy a man made wild-flower meadow (not so wild anymore). Whereby you can see different kinds of poppies.

Red ones...

Pink ones....

Purple shades...

Rose looked alike...

Lilac ones...

Field full of them....
Isn't that lovely? This remind me of a bible verse :
For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse [Roman 1:20]

Now, I have a perfect lunchmate. A sandwich and a beautiful meadow.

p.s : I purposely did not add my blog name on the bottom of the picture so that anyone who has been asking about desktop wallpaper can simply download them :-)